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Xenon dichloride

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Molar mass  202.199 g/mol
Chemical formula  XeCl2

Similar  Xenon tetroxide, Xenon tetrafluoride, Xenon oxytetrafluoride

A step by step explanation of how to draw the xecl2 lewis dot structure xenon dichloride

Xenon dichloride (XeCl2) is a xenon compound and the only known stable chloride of xenon. The compound can be prepared by using microwave discharges towards the mixture of xenon and chlorine, and it can be isolated from a condensate trap. One experiment tried to use xenon, chlorine and boron trichloride to produce XeCl2·BCl3, but only generated xenon dichloride.

Xenon dichloride Xenon dichloride

However, it is still doubtful whether xenon dichloride is a true compound or a supermolecule composed of a xenon atom and a chlorine molecule connected by a secondary bond.

Xenon monochloride is used in excimer lasers. Xe2Cl also exists in the excimer state.

Xenon dichloride Xenon dichloride


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