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Xenon oxytetrafluoride

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Formula  XeOF4
Density  3.17 g/cm³
Melting point  -46.2 °C
Appearance  colorless liquid
Molar mass  223.23 g/mol
Boiling point  102 °C
Molecular shape  square pyramidal
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Similar  Xenon trioxide, Xenon hexafluoride, Xenon tetroxide

Lewis dot structure of xeof4 xenon oxytetrafluoride

Xenon oxytetrafluoride (XeOF4) is an inorganic chemical compound. As are most xenon oxides, it is extremely reactive and unstable, and hydrolyses in water to give dangerously hazardous and corrosive products, including hydrogen fluoride:


2 X e O F 4 + 4 H 2 O 2 X e + 8 H F + 3 O 2

In addition, some ozone and fluorine are also formed. The reaction is extremely dangerous, and xenon oxytetrafluoride should therefore be kept away from any trace of water or water vapour under all conditions.


XeOF4 reacts with H2O in the following steps:

X e O F 4 + H 2 O X e O 2 F 2 + 2 H F X e O 2 F 2 + H 2 O X e O 3 + 2 H F

XeO3 is a dangerous explosive, decomposing explosively to Xe and O2:

2 X e O 3 2 X e + 3 O 2


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