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Wyoming Renegades

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Director  Fred F. Sears
Genres  Western, Action/Adventure
Country  United States
5.6/10 IMDb

Producer  Wallace MacDonald
Language  English
Wyoming Renegades movie poster
Release date  March 27, 1954 (1954-03-27)
Writer  David Lang (story), David Lang (screenplay)
Cast  Philip Carey (Brady Sutton (as Phil Carey)), Gene Evans (Butch Cassidy / George Leroy Parker), Martha Hyer (Nancy Warren), William Bishop (Sundance Kid), Douglas Kennedy (Charlie Veer), Roy Roberts (Sheriff McVey)
Similar movies  Jurassic World, The Maze Runner, Mad Max: Fury Road, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, The Shawshank Redemption, RoboCop
Tagline  No man's life or wife or land is safe - till the women of Broken Bow line up with their men and start shooting!

Wyoming Renegades is a 1954 Western film directed by Fred F. Sears and starring Phil Carey, Gene Evans and Martha Hyer. The film features Butch Cassidy as the leader of the Hole in the Wall Gang. The film was shot from June 21 to June 30 1954 at the Iverson Movie Ranch


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Plot synopsis


Brady Sutton (Phil Carey), a former member of the "Hole in the Wall" gang, wants to go straight. He returns to his hometown, Broken Bow, and sweetheart Nancy Warren (Martha Hyer), to set up a blacksmith business. At the bank he sees one of the Hole in the Wall gang casing the joint. He warns the sheriff that he believes the gang will attempt a robbery that night. The sheriff arranges with the bank to move all the money to the jailhouse, but one of the gang sees them. That night Butch Cassidy (Gene Evans) and the gang raid the jailhouse, but two of them are killed and the raid fails. However, Brady is implicated in the robbery attempt and escapes town with the aid of Charlie Veer (Douglas Kennedy). Veer wants to join up with the Hole in the Wall gang and persuades Brady to take him to Cassidy's hideout, "The Hole in the Wall". Some of the gang want to lynch Brady, but Cassidy agrees to take him back. Veer divulges that the bank is planning to move the money out by train the following night. Cassidy plans to rob the train. Veer turns out to be a Pinkerton agent and goes to the telegraph office at Broken Bow to send a message to the agency to put a posse on the train. However, Cassidy is one step ahead and had already got to the telegraph operator and forces him to send a bogus message. Cassidy then kills the telegraph operator. Meanwhile Brady, having second thoughts about returning to a life of crime, attempts to stop the robbery. Veer admits to Brady that he is a Pinkerton agent and still believes there will be a posse on the train. The robbery goes ahead, but there is neither posse nor money on the train. Cassidy kills Veer and takes Nancy hostage. Brady tries to escape with Nancy, but both are recaptured by Cassidy. Believing the money is still at the bank in Broken Bow, Cassidy plans another raid. But knowing the sheriff will be waiting with a posse, he persuades Nancy to send the sheriff off on the wrong trail, or he will kill Brady. She agrees and the sheriff and his men ride out of town. Cassidy and the gang raid the town, but Nancy has mustered the womenfolk and the robbery fails. Most of the gang are killed and Cassidy is captured. Brady and Nancy are re-united.


Lauras Miscellaneous Musings Tonights Movie Wyoming Renegades 1954
  • Phil Carey - Brady Sutton
  • Gene Evans - Butch Cassidy
  • Martha Hyer - Nancy Warren
  • William Bishop - Sundance Kid
  • Roy Roberts - Sheriff McVey
  • Don Beddoe - Banker Horace Warren
  • Douglas Kennedy - Charlie Veer
  • George Keymas - George 'Kid' Curry
  • Steve Benton - Smith
  • Peter Brocco - Dawson
  • Don Carlos - Bob Meeks
  • John L. Cason - O. C. Hanks
  • Diane DeLair - Florence

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