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Wyoming Liberty Group

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Formation  2008
Headquarters  Cheyenne, Wyoming
Type  501(c)(3) organization
Region served  Wyoming
Motto  Founding Principles Guiding Innovative Solutions
Location  1740 Dell Range Blvd., # 459 Cheyenne, WY 82009

The Wyoming Liberty Group is a free market think tank in Wyoming, United States. The group’s stated aim is to ensure that the power of the people and individuals in Wyoming takes precedence over improper government presumptions of authority.



The Wyoming Liberty Group was established in 2008 by Susan W. Gore. Its website lists eight "core principles":

  1. Respect for individual dignity and sovereignty
  2. Appreciation of moral and religious freedom
  3. Respect for property rights
  4. Faith in independent voluntary associations
  5. Emphasis on government transparency
  6. Belief in limited government that serves the people
  7. Support of informed citizens who stand their ground
  8. Economic and political freedom are indivisible


In 2011, the Wyoming Liberty Group criticized the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, arguing that $400,000 had been spent for each job created.

The Wyoming Liberty Group worked for four years to ensure passage of Health Care Freedom Amendment to the Wyoming Constitution, which was finally passed in 2011. The amendment passed Senate 23-7; House 49-11 and passed with 77% of the popular vote in November 2012.

The organization has worked to protect the rights of private landowners and local governments from federal encroachment by reviving awareness of a portion of federal law referred to as “RS2477.” This work included documenting various eligible roads in Hot Springs County (June 2012) and drafting a bill (HB 182, 2013) which passed the Wyoming State House 59-0 but was not introduced to the State Senate before deadline.

Wyoming Liberty Group legal counsel was co-counsel, drafting complaints, memoranda, and appellate briefs in Free Speech v. Federal Election Commission The organization co-authored McComish v. Bennett amicus brief, challenging “matching funds” in public financing of elections. The United States Supreme Court overturned the practice. Staff attorneys for the Wyoming Liberty Group co-authored a friend-of-the-court brief in Delay v. Texas that proved crucial to overturning the 2010 conviction of Tom DeLay of money laundering and conspiracy. The brief argued that the legal theory used by prosecutors violated the First Amendment, exposing citizens like DeLay to criminal charges simply for engaging in politics.

Wyoming Liberty Group has argued against government expansion and for private sector solutions, claiming the European welfare state is detrimental to freedom and individual development. The organization holds monthly educational seminars at their Cheyenne, Wyoming, headquarters and annually trains interested citizens in civic involvement, First Amendment issues, and other relevant citizenship knowledge.

Pillar of Law Institute

In 2015, the Wyoming Liberty Group launched a national group, the Pillar of Law Institute. The group's aim is to fight restrictive campaign finance laws, which it characterizes as a free speech issue.


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