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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

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Director  Valeri Milev
Film series  Wrong Turn Film Series
Writer  Frank H. Woodward
Language  English
4.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Country  United States
The movie poster of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, A dead woman (left) lying on the ground has black painted nails and blood all over her body wearing a white tank top, denim shorts, and a man (right) standing holding a knife wearing gray cargo pants.

Release date  October 21, 2014 (2014-10-21)
Based on  Characters by Alan McElroy
Initial DVD release  October 20, 2014 (United Kingdom)
Cast  Chris Jarvis (Jackson), Aqueela Zoll (Toni), Anthony Ilott (Danny), Sadie Katz (Sally), Rollo Skinner (Vic), Billy Ashworth (Rod)
Similar movies  Bone Tomahawk, Cannibal Holocaust, Last Cannibal World, Cannibal Mercenary, Serenity, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Wrong turn 6 last resort unrated

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (stylized as Wrong Turn VI in the opening credits) is a 2014 American horror film directed by Valeri Milev and the sixth installment in the Wrong Turn film series. The film was released on DVD on October 21, 2014.


In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, .three people wandering in the forest, from left  Sadie Katz (right) is standing while holding a baseball bat wearing white shirt, pants and a jacket, in the middle is Anthony Ilott standing holding the hand of the Sadie Katz (right) wearing  hoodie jacket, denim pants, and from the right Sadie Katz is standing holding hand with Anthony Ilott beside her has long hair wearing white dress and a jacket.


In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, three people talking, from the left Sadie Katz is serious talking with Anthony Ilott (middle) and Aqueela Zoll (right), has long blond hair, in the middle, Anthony Ilott is serious, standing while looking at Sadie Katz, has brown hair wearing a blue shirt under his hoodie jacket, on the right, Aqueela Zoll smiling, looking at Sadie Ktaz has dark blond hair tied in a ponytail wearing violet wavy scarf and olive green jacket.

Daria and Nick ride their bikes deep in the Hobb Springs Bike Trail. After bathing in a small watering hole, they start having sex. Afterward, they ride their bikes again until Nick falls off and discovers that an unknown assailant has shot him with a bow and arrow. The assailant, Three Finger, then kills Nick with an arrow through the face. Daria attempts to flee only to ride into a strip of barbed-wire planted by One Eye and Saw Tooth. Three Finger then proceeds to kill her via decapitation with a machete.

In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, on the left a man crouching and looking beside Anthony Ilott has black hair wearing winter sleeveless jacket over blue checkered long sleeve polo, on the right Anthony Ilott lying on the ground with blood on his hand and face with barbed wired over them, has brown hair wearing black hoodie and denim pants.

Danny and his ex-girlfriend Toni, Bryan and his girlfriend Jillian, Vic, Toni's brother Rod, and Charlie go to the Hobb Springs Resort, where they meet caretakers, siblings Sally and Jackson, who take them in. Agnes, a vacationer, is soon attacked, possibly by Saw Tooth or One Eye, throwing an axe at her. Jackson then snaps her neck, killing her.

In the movie scene Wrong Turn 6 Last Resort 2014. A room with four cubicles with brown open curtains with a silhouette of a man behind a glass door at the end of the hallway.

Charlie, Vic, and Rod swim outside as Toni takes a bath and Jackson takes Danny out in the woods to hunt. Danny shoots a deer, when a sheriff is killed by Three Finger. As Toni gets dressed, she sees Jackson wipe off blood from the wall, and she takes Vic along with her to look for Danny. Vic sees Saw Tooth devouring flesh, runs away, and falls into a trap with Danny. Vic escapes the trap and seeks help for Danny. Jackson and Vic carry Danny back to the resort, where Sally attends to Danny's wounds and begins to seductively undress him. When Toni walks in, Sally leaves and watches them as Toni asked him to reconcile their relationship and have sex.

In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, on the left is Chris Jarvis is looking and holding the torch down with a big basket on his back, has brown hair wearing gray shirt polo black pants and black jacket, in the middle is Anthony Ilott standing while looking at Sadie Katz (right) has brown hair wearing polo shirt and dark blue hoodie jacket, on the right is Sadie Katz standing while holding the torch with her left hand has long blond hair wearing a white dress, pair of boots and black jacket.

Vic, Rod, and Charlie harass Bryan and Jillian, who were having sex in the pool. Jillian and Bryan have sex while Sally watches, and the cannibals attack them. Jillian is killed, but Sally stops them from killing Bryan. Sally has sex with Bryan, but Jackson interrupts them. When he leaves, Sally kills Bryan. Jackson and Sally then introduce Danny to his long-lost family, though Danny does not believe he is related, and then they drug him to confuse him. As Vic hides in the bushes, he listens to the conversation. Saw Tooth captures him and Three Finger cuts his throat.

In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, from the left is One eye (1st) is standing holding the barbed wire with his right hand has shoulder length black hair, wearing a black ragged jacket, next to him is a dead woman (2nd) has barbed wire wrapped around his head wear a cycling helmet and a long sleeve cycling shirt, three finger (3rd) is excited with his tongue out while holding a machete with his right hand and hold the left hand of the dead man with his left hand, has white long hair deformed face with old scars on it wearing jumpers and red checkered long sleeve, saw tooth (4th) is standing looking at the dead man while holding the barbed wire with his left hand has long black hair wearing a checkered shirt and a brown jacket.

In the morning, Toni, Rod, and Charlie hear a knock on their door. When he enters, Danny tells them to leave, though he is staying. As they leave, they hide when they find that Jackson is cooking their friends. When they see Jillian's head in the freezer, they scream and flee, only to run into the hillbillies. Toni and Rod escape, but Charlie is captured and killed. Toni insists that she and Rod return to help Danny, but Rod tells her that they can send help later. Toni grabs a rifle and goes back for Danny. At the resort, Toni confronts Sally, whom she attempts to kill. Rod then attempts to leave but is captured in a bear trap and killed by Three Finger.

In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, three finger (left) is behind Aqueela Zoll (right) holding pickaxe attempting to hit her behind has white hair deformed face wearing blue jumper and a red checkered long sleeve, Aqueela Zoll (right) is scared while standing has brown hair wearing gray shirt and purple jacket.

As Sally and Toni fight, Toni burns Sally's face in boiling water and wounds her with the rifle. Danny enters and asks why she is attempting to kill his family. After Jackson attempts to kill Toni, Danny lets her go; Jackson says she knows too much and pursues her, but Toni stabs and kills Jackson with door keys. As Danny had told Toni they could not be together again and he chooses Sally into his life, Three Finger kills her. Later, Danny is shown as a caretaker at the resort. In the last scene, Danny takes Sally from a wheelchair and they have sex as the cannibals watch.


In the movie scene of Wrong turn 6 last Resort 2014, three finger (left) is happy smiling, holding a bow and arrow attempting to shoot with a quiver in his back in the middle of the forest, has white hair deformed and old scar face wearing a maroon long sleeve under a yellow striped long sleeve polo and a jumper.

  • Anthony Ilott as Danny
  • Aqueela Zoll as Toni, Danny's ex girlfriend.
  • Sadie Katz as Sally, Danny's primary love interest.
  • Chris Jarvis as Jackson
  • Rollo Skinner as Vic
  • Roxanne Pallett as Jillian
  • Billy Ashworth as Rod
  • Harry Belcher as Charlie
  • Joe Gaminara as Bryan
  • Radoslav Parvanov as Three Finger
  • Danko Jordanov as Saw Tooth
  • Asen Asenov as One Eye
  • Kicker Robinson as Doucette
  • Talitha Luke-Eardley as Daria
  • Luke Cousins as Nick
  • Josie Kidd as Agnes
  • Venetka Georgieva as Overweight Woman
  • Production

    Director Declan O'Brien was replaced by director Valeri Milev for the sixth installment in the Wrong Turn series. Intended as a VOD and DVD sequel to Wrong Turn 5 and the sixth overall entry in the Wrong Turn film series, filming was reported to have commenced in March 2014 in Bulgaria.


    Fox Home Entertainment released it on home video on October 21, 2014. It grossed $1 million in combined DVD and Blu-ray sales in North America.


    28 Days Later Analysis reported on it being eleven years "since actress Eliza Dushku played Jessie, a woman chased by a gang of cannibal hillbillies. A ten year run with five sequels makes the Wrong Turn film series one of the longest running horror franchises in recent history". Joel Harley of Starburst rated it 7/10 stars and wrote, "If anything, this is one of the best entries yet." Steve Barton of Dread Central rated it 1.5/5 stars and called it "all crap with a few good moments", though he praised Sadie Katz's acting.

    Court case

    In October 2014, a court case was filed in Ireland over the unauthorized use of a photo of a woman who went missing in County Wexford. The judge declined to issue a temporary injunction, but the case will come back to court in early November 2014. As a result of the lawsuit, distributor 20th Century Fox recalled all DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film with no plan to repress or re-release and have also pulled all online streaming sources. The movie was re-released in 2015 with the photos in that scene being blurred out.


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