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Wing Chun (TV series)

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Written by  Chung Sing Yuen
Original language(s)  Cantonese
Final episode date  2007
Number of episodes  40
Country of origin  China
First episode date  2006
Network  TVB
Genres  Martial arts, Wuxia
Wing Chun (TV series) httpsiytimgcomviCD48nmsbm98hqdefaultjpg
Directed by  Sing Chi Chiu Fung Yuen Wah
Presented by  Lee Shui Hap Lam Siu Ming
Starring  Nicholas Tse Sammo Hung Yuen Biao Hu Ke Rain Lee Sammy Hung
Cast  Nicholas Tse, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao
Similar  Real Kung Fu, The Ultimate Crime Fig, Fight Science, The Proud Twins, Chef Nic

Wing Chun is the English language title of two Chinese martial arts TV series: one produced in 1994 and one produced from 2004-2007.


1994 series

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See also Wing Chun (film) for the 1994 film starring Michelle Yeoh.

Little seems to be known about this series and copies of it are unavailable at this time. What is known about it is that the storyline revolved around the elderly Dr Leung Jan (the first Grandmaster of Wing Chun) and his life in Foshan, China. The show is in Cantonese and follows the life of Liang Bing the eager but implusive son of Liang Zhan, the local doctor and martial art master. The father and son clash head frequently as Liang Bing desires to learn martial arts but his father wants him to study medicine like his brother. On the other end, there is Gao Ming a poor disciple of a drunken master who has traveled all the way to Fo Shan to find his long lost sister. Liang Bing and Gao Ming become rivals when Liang Bing wrongfully but not intentionally harms the sister and Gao Ming ends up working for a corrupt family, the Longs.

The characters grow as the innocent Gao Ming gets corrupted by pragmatic evil and is put through trial and tribulation that eventually numbs him and Liang Bing learns responsibility when he runs to Hong Kong after being accused of murder. Complex characters set against love triangles and the adventures of other supporting characters brings this classic show to live.

Sadly, cast details and other information has proven difficult to find.

2006-2007 series

This Chinese television series concluded filming in 2007. It featured actors Nicholas Tse, Yuen Biao, Ji Chunhua, Sammo Hung and his youngest son, Sammy Hung.


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