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Wilhelm von Henke

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Died  1896
Wilhelm von Henke

Philipp Jakob Wilhelm von Henke (19 June 1834 in Jena – 17 May 1896 in Tübingen) was a German anatomist. He was the son of historian Ernst Ludwig Theodor Henke (1804–1872).

He studied at the universities of Marburg, Göttingen and Berlin, receiving his doctorate in 1857 at Marburg. Following graduation he worked as an assistant to physiologist Franciscus Donders at Utrecht University. In 1858 he obtained his habilitation, then later served as a professor of anatomy at the universities of Rostock (from 1865), Prague (from 1872) and Tübingen (from 1875 up until his death in 1896).

The eponymous "Henke's space" is synonymous with the retropharyngeal space.

Selected works

  • Handbuch der Anatomie und Mechanik der Gelenke, 1863 – Handbook of anatomy and mechanics of the joints.
  • Die Menschen des Michelangelo im Vergleich mit der Antike, 1871 – The human depictions by Michelangelo in comparison with those of antiquity.
  • Beiträge zur Anatomie des Menschen in Beziehung auf Bewegung, 1872 – Contributions to human anatomy in relation to movement.
  • Topographische Anatomie des Menschen. Atlas und Lehrbuch, 1879–83 – Topographical anatomy of humans.
  • Handatlas und Anleitung zum Studium der Anatomie des Menschen im Präpariersaale, 1888 – Hand atlas and guide to the study of human anatomy.
  • Anatomie des Kindesalters (in Gerhardt’s Handbuch der Kinderkrankheiten) – Anatomy of children.
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