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When the Wind Blows (1930 film)

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Director  James W. Horne
Language  English
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Family, Short
Country  United States
When the Wind Blows (1930 film) movie poster
Release date  April 5, 1930 (1930-04-05)
Writer  Robert A. McGowan (story)

When the Wind Blows is a 1930 Our Gang short comedy film directed by James W. Horne. It was the 97th Our Gang short to be released.


When the Wind Blows (1930 film) movie scenes


When the Wind Blows (1930 film) movie scenes

It is a windy spring night. A man tells Kennedy the cop that it is a fine night for a murder or robbery. Farina is frightened, but his mother still has to do laundry, so he is left in a ramshackle house with windows so weak that the wind blows through. A few doors down, Jackie is spanked by his father for refusing to do his homework; his little brother Wheezer is laughing at him. After being spanked, Jackie throws his school book out the window.

When the Wind Blows (1930 film) movie scenes

Later, after he goes to bed, he overhears his parents saying what a great kid he is and how they want him to grow up and be successful. Jackie, touched by this sentiment, climbs out the window to retrieve his book. He tries to get back in but cannot open the window. As he is trying to get back in, he makes all sorts of noises, causing more commotion in the neighborhood. Jackie tries to break a window by throwing something, but the wind blows the object over to a nearby house and breaks a window there, waking up Chubby and his parents. When Jackie manages to get into Wheezer's room through another window, Wheezer's dog, Pete, pushes Jackie back out again. Mary Ann next door also wakes up. Jackie manages to get into Mary Ann's room, but she throws him out as well. As he falls out of Mary Ann's window, he lands on a real burglar, knocking him out. Jackie is then considered a hero.

The Gang

  • Norman Chaney as Chubby
  • Jackie Cooper as Jackie
  • Allen Hoskins as Farina
  • Bobby Hutchins as Wheezer
  • Mary Ann Jackson as Mary Ann
  • Pete the Pup as Himself
  • Additional cast

  • Betty Jane Beard as Hector
  • Chet Brandenburg - Flustered man
  • Mary Gordon - Chubby's mother
  • Edgar Kennedy - Kennedy the Cop
  • Charles McAvoy - Henry, Jackie's dad
  • Emma Reed - Farina's mother
  • Julian Rivero - Henry, Jackie's dad (Spanish language version)
  • References

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    When the Wind Blows (1930 film) IMDb When the Wind Blows (1930 film)

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