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Country  China
Area  926 km2

Province  Zhejiang
Population  1.163 million (2000)
Wenling in the past, History of Wenling

Map of Wenling

Wenling (Wenling dialect: Uen-lin Zy [ʔuəŋ ʔliŋ zɿ]; simplified Chinese: 温岭市; traditional Chinese: 溫嶺市; pinyin: Wēnlǐng Shì) is a coastal county-level city in the municipal region of Taizhou, in southeastern Zhejiang province, China. It borders Luqiao and Huangyan to the north, Yuhuan to the south, Yueqing to the west, looks out to the East China Sea to the east. Wenling locates on 28°22'N, 121°21'E, approximately 300 km south of Shanghai.


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Jiangxia Tidal Power Station is located there as well as a number of e-waste recycling centers which have contributed to soil contamination in the region.

Wenling china a teachers life

Wenling china cityscapes


The county-level city of Wenling currently administers 5 subdistricts and 11 towns.

  • Taiping Subdistrict (Tha-bin Ka-dau)太平街道
  • Chengdong Subdistrict (Zhin-ton Ka-dau)城東街道
  • Chengxi Subdistrict (Zhin-shi Ka-dau)城西街道
  • Chengbei Subdistrict (Zhin-poh Ka-dau)城北街道
  • Hengfeng Subdistrict (Wan-fon Ka-dau)橫峰街道
  • Daxi Town (Da-chi Cin)大溪鎮
  • Zeguo Town (Dzah-kuoh Cin)澤國鎮
  • Xinhe Town (Shin-ghou Cin)新河鎮
  • Ruoheng Town (Nioh-waon Cin)箬橫鎮
  • Songmen Town (Shion-men Cin)松門鎮
  • Wenqiao Town (Uen-jiau Cin)溫嶠鎮
  • Wugen Town (U-ken Cin)塢根鎮
  • Chengnan Town (Zhin-nae Cin)城南鎮
  • Shiqiaotou Town (Zhih-jiau-deu Cin)石橋頭鎮
  • Binhai Town (Pin-he Cin)濱海鎮
  • Shitang Town (Zhih-daon Cin)石塘鎮
  • Language

    Like the majority of areas in Zhejiang, most people from Wenling speak a dialect of Wu Chinese, known as Wenling Hua. It is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin Chinese, and partially intelligible with Shanghainese. There is also a small portion of Min Nan speakers in the southeastern regions, especially in Shitang Town. The linguistic diversity of some regions has resulted in a segment of the population becoming fluent in speaking up to three languages, when Mandarin is included.


    During the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties, Wenling was not part of the Chinese state but rather part of the separate culture of Dong'ou. Following the 3rd-century BC conquests of the Qin Empire, it was incorporated into the Minzhong Prefecture before being moved to Kuaiji under the Han. From the Tang to the Ming, Wenling was divided between Taizhou's Huangyan District and Wenzhou's Yueqing District.

    In 1469, Taiping County was formed in the area from Fangyan, Taiping, and Fanchang, three villages formerly incorporated into Huangyan. Yueqing County's Shanmen and Yuhuan villages were ceded in 1476. In 1513, the county seat built 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) of city wall, roughly squared, giving it the name of "Square Castle". In 1914, the county was renamed Wenling to distinguish it from counties with same name in Shanxi, Sichuan, and Anhui. Wenling ("warm mountain") was once another name of Wenqiao Town.

    Wenling was conquered by Communist forces on May 28, 1949, and the county government was created. In March 1994, Wenling was made a county-level "city".


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