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Wenchang chicken

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Region or state  Hainan
Place of origin  China
Main ingredients  Chicken
Main ingredient  Chicken meat
Wenchang chicken Hainan Wenchang Chicken
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Wenchang chicken (simplified Chinese: 文昌鸡; traditional Chinese: 文昌雞; pinyin: Wénchāng Jī), is a type of chicken and a chicken dish from the Wenchang city area in Hainan, China.


Wenchang chicken DIY Wenchang Chicken 1 of 4 signature dishes of Hainan

Hainanese song wenchang chicken dish


Wenchang chicken Wenchang chicken a musteat delicacy for visitors in Hainan

This variety of small, fleshy free-range chicken is fed coconut and peanut bran. During the last two months before going to market, they are kept in coops above the ground.


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Wenchang chicken is known throughout the province of Hainan. The most traditional way to prepare Wenchang Chicken is "white cutting" (Chinese : 白切), which involves immersing the chicken in almost boiling hot water and cooked to preserve its softness and tenderness. It is then eaten by dipping the pieces in a mixture of spices including chopped ginger and salt. The skin of Wenchang chicken is typically yellow, with an oily appearance, although the meat is somewhat drier and has more texture than battery chickens. This dish is also popular in mainland China, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries.


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