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Wayne Rostad

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Wayne Rostad

Writer of Songs, Again

Leanne Cusack

Wayne Rostad performing on a stage
Musician ·

TV shows
On the Road Again, Out Our Way

Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle/Practical Information, or Performing Arts Program or Series

28 October 1947 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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Wayne Victor Rostad, CM (born October 1947 in Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian musician and television presenter.


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•  He lives in Pakenham, Ontario and has a son named Josh.

•  In 1969, Wayne got his first break as an RJ for CJET in Smiths Falls , Ontario.

•  From radio, he moved to music and recordings in 1980s'. and won a nomination in Juno award.

•  He slowly moved away from broadcasting and turned to music delivering several hit albums.

•  He returned to broadcasting with CBC's national TV show 'On The Road Again' which featured Wayne as a host. He brought various stories from the streets of Ottawa to light with his show which won several awards.

•  Apart from being a member of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame he is also the public spokesman for Davidson Hearing Aid Centre in Ottawa.

•  He participates in various charitable events such as telethons for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

•  He lives in a three-story, glass-fronted house on the east coast of Ottawa with his girlfriend Trudy and calls it 'Roads End'.

•  He fell in love with Trudy in 1987 and parted ways within a year but reunited with her after decades and have been together ever since.

•  Before Trudy he had married Leanne Cusack a news anchor at Ottawa's CTV News channel. But parted ways with her soon.

•  Every year he hosts a show titled 'Christmas In The Valley' with several celebrities and local artists in the city to celebrate Christmas.

•  He served as a Canadian Forces Honorary Colonel for the 8 Air Maintenance Squadron.

Biography & Career

Wayne Rostad hosting on a national TV show, wearing a full sleeve shirt and waistcoat

In 1969, he became a radio host for CJET in Smiths Falls, Ontario. After this, he worked at CKWS-TV Kingston, Ontario, CKBY radio Ottawa, and CJCN radio in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. He moved from broadcasting to music in the 1970s, earning a Juno Award nomination in 1981 and recording several albums to date. Rostad returned to broadcasting in the 1980s, leading to his most prominent work as host of CBC Television's On the Road Again. During the program's run from 1987 to 2007, he interviewed ordinary people throughout Canada. He also founded the Gatineau Clog Music Festival which took place at Tucker Lake in Low, Quebec.

Appearance in "On the Road Again" TV Show

In the 1980s, Wayne Rostad was recruited by the CBC to host a national show titled “On The Road Again”.  The show came with a unique concept of telling stories of people from different walks of life in Canada. While talking about the show, he once said, "While working, "I never went to work for On the Road Again. I went to visit my neighbors." Rostad shared that he got to meet several Canadians with their own unique stories everyday while working in the show. 

The show soon became a huge hit among people all over the country. Everyone desired to be featured on the show with their stories. The show also won a number of awards during its run of 20 years including the one for best host, best program and best regional variety series. After the show went off air, in 1996, Wayne wrote about life on the road in his book named, 'On the Road Again with Wayne Rostad',. Just like the show the book too quickly became a Canadian bestseller.

Christmas in the valley 2018

Christmas in the valley show is Wayne Rostad's popular Christmas show where he performs with his band at various venues throughout Ottawa and eastern Ontario. 2019 edition of the show took place on December 12, 2019  in Ottawa. Apart from the popular band of Wayne RoRoger Lefebvrestad, the show was graced by fiddling sensation, recording artist and step dancer extraordinaire Kelli Trottier. Various other local artists from the city also participated in the show and made it a huge it.

Family Details

Leanne Cusack

Leanne Cusack is Wayne Rostad's first wife. She hosts a news program titled 'Noon Host' on Ottawa's CTV News channel.  She hails from Halifax. She moved to Ottawa to study Journalism at Carleton University. She began working at CTV and then joined CJOH, during her fourth year in the city. Leanne is also very active in a variety of local charities in the city. 

She is also a board member of the Ottawa Senators Foundation, who played an active role in laying its foundation. Leanne has recently started her journey as an artist as well. She has created her website where she shares several paintings produced by her as a painter. She also has a YouTube channel for the same. Leanne Cusack shared a romantic relation with Wayne. They also reportedly have a child together. But things did not fall in place for the couple and they parted ways.

Girlfriend Trudy

After parting ways with his first wife, Leanne Cusack, Wayne met Trudy somewhere around 1987. Their romance lasted for about a year and they decided to go their own separate ways. Decades passed and suddenly one day, Wayne got a message from Trudy and the love-birds reunited. The duo has been together ever since. In an interview, Wayne also recalled about Trudy & said he remained single ever since Trudy left him in the past because she was special. Trudy and Wayne who own a beautiful bungalow now often play golf together. Wayne also says that Trudy too sings good and joins in whenever he takes a guitar and starts humming.

“We got together and the years collapsed. It’s a wonderful experience to have love again in my life. I’m extremely happy,” Wayne said as he talked about Trudy in a interview. In short, even in his seventies, Wayne shares an old-school romantic type of relationship with the love of his life, Trudy.


Talking about his break from music and showbiz, Wayne Rostad said, "I’ve been staying out of the limelight, with very few exceptions. I took a sabbatical from music. I finally stopped to recharge the batteries.” Good thing, too. As you can imagine, decades of music work on top of TV work, MC work and charitable work took their toll. “For 50 years it was go, go, go. A lot of my work life was seven-days-a-week."

He certainly decided to part ways with singing but he says, “I didn’t realize that the songbird had stopped singing. But these affairs of the heart pluck strings you didn’t know existed. I started to write again and wanted to sing, too. I refurbished a couple of my guitars and so, after two-and-a-half years, the songbird came back,” he said.

Talking about his career of several successful decades, "I’ve been a storyteller in my heart for as long as I can remember,” he says now. He has also been a part of the national TV show 'On The Road Again' for years. Talking about the same, he said, "Television is an amazing thing. People have pretty sharp memories, and television really imprints on the mind. I found that as I travel around the country, people still come up to me and recognize me.”

Rostad shared that in his early 70s' he realized that he wanted to be a songwriter and performer. "I wanted to write about people in my own back yard, something which Country Report had given me an insight into . . . there are great songs right in our own back yard,” he said.

Talking about the love for his work, he said, "Whether I am emceeing an event, or whether I am singing a song, seeing the reaction on their face to some of the comedy that I do . . . anything that is a communion between me and the people is the joy. So that is my joy. My joy is at the end of the night, that we have almost had a kitchen ceilidh. A lot of laughs and a lot of loving exchanges and so whether I did that on television talking to a camera pointed at me, my job was to go through the lens, and through the lens into the other side, to the viewer watching.”

Rostad recalled how his father gifted him a guitar when he was young and asked him to respect it. He said that his father also told him that this guitar will bring him fortune.

“In my day, you had to go through the regular rank and file and find someone who believed in you, and then they had to find someone who would invest dollars in you. Today, you can post something online and it goes viral, and it’s a hit and companies come looking for you, but one thing that has never changed; don’t expect anything to come to you. You’re going to have to stick to it and only those who stick to it come out the other end," he said.

He concluded with a message for youngsters who wish to make their dreams come true and said, "If you believe in something enough, you’ll chase it and if you chase it and retain your integrity without stepping on anyone on the way up, then you don’t have to worry about coming down and meeting the people you stepped on. You want to have a career filled with giving and honesty and integrity and stick to it; if you do it long enough if it’s in the genes and it’s out there, it will come.”

Awards and recognition

  • 1981: nominee, Juno Award for Country Male Vocalist of the Year
  • 1988: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Performance by a Host, Interviewer or Anchor (Out Our Way)
  • 1990: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Performance by a Host, Interviewer or Anchor (On the Road Again)
  • 1992: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Light Information, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 1994: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle Information, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 1995: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle Information, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 1996: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle Information, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 1999: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 2000: nominee, Gemini Award for Best Host in a Lifestyle or Performing Arts Program or Series (On the Road Again)
  • 2002: Inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame
  • 2003: appointed Member of the Order of Canada
  • 2010: inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

  • Songs

    Ryan's BP Station
    Dollard Marlowe
    Rideau Street Queen
    Willie Boy
    We Should Have Been Friends
    Baby - Lady - Poet and Writer of Songs
    Take Me as I Am
    Goodtime Lady
    The Year McLaren's Store Burned Down
    Summer Rose
    The Watchman
    King Of Fools
    Lawley Rae
    Highway Eleven
    Last Dance
    Silently Weeping
    Sweet - Sweet Feeling
    It Doesn't Hurt Any
    J Ulysses Moses Hanson

    Questions & Answers

    Where is wayne rostad now ? 

    Wayne Rostad is an active musician who keeps leading his concerts in and near Ottawa. He also records new originals even being in his 70s'. He is a member of both the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also the main-stage headliner at the Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show and a public spokesman for Davidson Hearing Aid Centre in the city.

    Where does wayne rostad live ?  

    Wayne Rostad lives in his dream home on the east coast of Ottawa. The spectacular house took almost five years to be built. The three-story, glass-fronted house is off-grid and wonderfully self-sufficient, Wayne feels. 'Road’s End' is one of the several names given by Wayne to his dream house. “It’s just a jaw-dropping location, right on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic. We can see seal colonies in the distance. Porpoises go by, as do fishing boats. It’s a beautiful home,” Wayne says while talking about his house.

    Is leanne cusack still married to wayne rostad ? 

    Leanne Cusack parted ways with Wayne Rostad years ago. Though they reportedly have a child together, Wayne and Leanne called off their marriage years back. In fact, Wayne is with his long-time girlfriend Trudy now.


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