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Country  Kenya
Elevation  1,200 m
Local time  Friday 3:06 AM
Number of airports  1
County  Wajir County
Climate  BWh
Area code  46
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Weather  27°C, Wind SE at 16 km/h, 78% Humidity

Desert farming in wajir changing livelihoods

Wajir (Somali: Wajeer) is the capital of the Wajir County of Kenya. It is situated in the former North Eastern Province.


Map of Wajir, Kenya

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A cluster of cairns near Wajir are generally ascribed by the local inhabitants to the Madanle, a semi-legendary people of high stature, who are associated with the Somali. A. T. Curle (1933) reported the excavation of two of these large tumuli, finding traces of skeletal remains which crumbled at his touch, as well as earthenware shards and a copper ring.


Wajir is located in an arid area prone to drought. It sits at a latitude and longitude of 01°45′00″N 40°03′00″E. (Latitude:1.75000; Longitude:40.05000). The town is served by Wajir Airport, with flights to Nairobi, Galkacyo and Mogadishu.


Wajir is mainly inhabited by Somalis, most belonging to the Ogaden, Ajuran and Degodia clans. The 1999 census reported a total population of 661,941 inhabitants.


Wajir county has several secondary schools, which are located in Wajir South,Wajir East,Wajir West,Wajir North,Tarbaj and Eldas.Some of the academic institutions include Wajir High School, Wajir Girls High, Sabunley Secondaru, Griftu High, Hon. Khalif, Eldas High, Bute High, Hadado, Habaswein High, Furaha Mixed Day School, Waberi Mixed Day Secondary School,Buna Boys,Buna Girls,Korondile Boys,Bute Girls,Bute Mixed Day Secondary, Sabunley Secondary School,Lehey Secondary,Khorofharar,Kutulo and many others.

Administrative divisions

Wajir is the capital of the Wajir County. The County is subdivided into 6 sub-counties (Wajir East, Wajir West, Wajir North, Wajir South, Tarbaj and Eldas). These sub-counties also corresponds to the constituencies represented by Members of Parliament in the National Assembly The county has a total of 30 wards. The current Governor, Ahmed Abdullahi was elected into office in 2013 as the First Governor of the county following the Promulgation of the new constitution.


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