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Voltron: Fleet of Doom

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Genre  Animation, Sci-Fi
Running time  48 minutes
Language  English
7.6/10 IMDb

Director  Franklin Cofod
First episode date  September 10, 1986
Country  Japan  United States
Voltron: Fleet of Doom movie poster
Creator  Toei Animation/World Events Productions
Release date  September 10, 1986
Genres  Anime, Animation, Action Film, Science Fiction
Cast  Jack Angel (King Zarkon / Commander Cossack), Michael Bell (Sven / Lance / Viceroy Throk), Peter Cullen (Hutch / Commander James Hawkins / Coran / King Alfor / Narrator), Neil Ross (Keith / Jeff / Pidge / Chip), B. J. Ward (Princess Allura / Ginger / Lisa / Cinda / Haggar), Lennie Weinrib (Hunk / Cliff / Rocky / Prince Lotor)
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Tagline  The heroes and villans from both Voltron series (the Lion Voltron and the Vehicle Voltron) team up for the ultimate battle of supremacy with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance!

Voltron fleet of doom

Voltron: Fleet of Doom was a television special involving heroes of both Voltron series working together to defeat their sworn enemy, King Zarkon who aligns with the Drule Empire to create a mighty armada called the Fleet of Doom.



This movie was released later on DVD by the company originally responsible for taking the Japanese source material and bringing it to American audiences, World Events Productions (WEP).

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Fleet of Doom was intended to explain the transition from Lion Force Voltron (GoLion in Japan) to Vehicle Force Voltron (Armored Fleet Dairugger XV) and hence represents the only time in the show’s animated history where the two incarnations of the giant robot appear together (since the source material was derived from two entirely separate animated shows in Japan). However, the movie was not televised until after the series had been canceled, forming more of an epilogue than a transition.

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In his attempt to destroy the Galaxy Alliance, King Zarkon allies himself with Viceroy Throk of the Drule Supreme Council to create a mighty armada known as the Fleet of Doom. To stop Zarkon, Keith and his friends combine forces with their friends from the other Voltron Force. Unfortunately, Haggar capture Princess Allura, leaving only Keith to rescue her from the evil witch. But to save Allura, Keith would have to travel to a land beyond space and time, where he must overcome his own childhood fear of imaginary monsters to rescue the princess from Haggar and rejoin their friends in time to stop the Fleet of Doom from destroying the Alliance.


Voltron Fleet of Doom Bluray
  • Peter Cullen - Commander Hawkins, Coran, King Alfor, Narrator, Viceroy Throk, Hutch
  • Michael Bell - Lance, Krik, Shannon, Marvin, Modok, Wolo
  • Lennie Weinrib - Hunk, Prince Lotor, Cliff, Rocky
  • Neil Ross - Keith, Jeff, Pidge, Chip
  • B.J. Ward - Princess Allura, Haggar, Cinda, Ginger, Lisa
  • Jack Angel - King Zarkon, Cossack
  • Home video releases and availability

    YESASIA Voltron Fleet of Doom DVD Hong Kong Version DVD

    The animated special Fleet of Doom has become a collector’s ambition, only further sought out because WEP has not included it in any of the Voltron DVD box sets it has released.

    Fleet of Doom was released by WEP as an online exclusive and later was updated to have better DVD compatibility as there were many complaints about using the menu with older DVD players and that the editing was extremely poor with very long timeouts between the commercial breaks; additional trailers were also included. This updated version was made available by WEP on and is also still available on the Voltron store. Media Blasters released the special as a general release on July 28, 2009. This version was not part of the Voltron DVD box sets but as a stand-alone title.

    In late 2010, Media Blasters announced a Blu-ray Disc release of Fleet of Doom, only to cancel it in early 2011. Nevertheless, copies of this Blu-ray edition began to become available in various internet shops as of September 2011, and it was eventually determined that these copies were genuine. however, it is unknown if an official release of this Blu-ray is planned.


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