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Alternative names  Russian vinaigrette
Course  Appetizers
Type  Salad
Associated national cuisine  Russian
Vinegret Vinegret Russian Beet Potato Salad Whole Made Living
Main ingredients  beet, potato, carrot, onion, sauerkraut and/or brined pickles
Similar  Olivier salad, Zakuski, Dressed herring, Borscht, Mimosa salad

Vinegret (Russian: винегрет) or Russian vinaigrette is a salad in Russian cuisine which is also popular in other post-Soviet states. It includes diced cooked vegetables (beetroots, potatoes, carrots), chopped onions, as well as sauerkraut аnd/or brined pickles. Other ingredients, such as green peas or beans, are sometimes also added. The naming comes from vinaigrette, which is used as a dressing. However, in spite of the name, vinegar is often omitted in modern cooking, and sunflower or other vegetable oil is just used. Some cooks add the brine from the pickled cucumbers or sauerkraut.

Vinegret Vinegret Russian Beet Potato Salad Whole Made Living

Along with Olivier salad and dressed herring, vinegret is served as zakuska on celebration tables in Russophone communities.

Despite the widespread popularity in Russia and Ukraine, the basic mixed salad recipes were adopted from Western European cuisines as late as the 19th century. Originally, the term vinegret denoted any mixture of diced cooked vegetables dressed with vinegar. Later the meaning changed to any mixed salad with beetroots. Modern Russian and Ukrainian cookbooks still mention the possibility of adding mushrooms, meat or fish, but this is rarely practised.

Vinegret Vinegret Russian Beet Potato Salad Whole Made Living

Similar beetroot-based salads are prepared throughout Northern Europe. Examples are herring salad and beetroot salad in North German and Scandinavian cuisines (see also de:Heringssalat, sv:Rödbetssallad), as well as rosolli (fi:Rosolli) in Finnish cuisine, with the name for the latter stemming from rassol (Russian: рассол), the Russian word for brine.

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Making of vinegret

Vinegret Russian Vinegret Russian Season Russian and Eastern European Cuisine
Vinegret Vinegret The Russian Salad Not the Dressing


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