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Vijay Singh of Marwar

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Father  Maharaja Bakht Singh
Died  July 17, 1793, Jodhpur
Mother  Chandra Kanwar
Parents  Bakht Singh of Marwar

Religion  Hinduism
Name  Vijay of
Vijay Singh of Marwar
Tenure  First Reign 21 September 1752 - 31 January 1753 Second Reign September 1772 - 17 July 1793
Role  Bakht Singh of Marwar's son

Grandparents  Ajit Singh of Marwar
Great-grandparents  Jaswant Singh of Marwar

Maharaja Vijay Singh (6 November 1729 – 17 July 1793), was the Raja of Marwar Kingdom (First Reign 21 September 1752 - 31 January 1753 and Second Reign September 1772 - 17 July 1793).

He succeeded on the death of his father Maharaja Bakht Singh, 21 September 1752. He recovered Ajmer for a brief period and seized Godwar (from Mewar) and Amarkot.

On 31 January 1753, he was deposed by his cousin Maharaja Ram Singh. He reascended the gadi for the second time after the death of Maharaja Ram Singh in 1772. The Marathas under Mahadaji Scindia took advantage of the instability in Marwar. Mahadaji's first invasion in Tunga was a failure but he was able to decisively defeat the Rajputs in Patan and Merta. The Rajputs were no match for the European armed and French trained Marathas under Benoit De Boigne, his european tactics were far superior than the traditional indian warfare that the Rajputs followed.

Maharaja Vijay Singh tried to push the Maratha marauders out but was defeated by Mahadaji Scindia. These defeats lead to Marwars Bankruptcy and many internal rebellions by the Marwari nobles. Ultimately leading to Marwar accepting British suzerainty in 1818.

He died at Mehrangarh, Jodhpur on 17 July 1793.


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