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Vieste Lighthouse

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Automated  1997
Light source  mains power
Opened  1867
Province  Province of Foggia
Year first constructed  1867
Construction  limestone tower
Height  27 m
Focal height  40 m
NGA number  11040
Vieste Lighthouse httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Location  Isola Sant'Eufemia Vieste Apulia Italy
Tower shape  octagonal prism tower on a two-story keeper's house
Markings / pattern  unpainted white stone tower, grey lantern
Similar  Vieste Co‑cathedral, Museo Malacologico di Anna R, Foresta Umbra, Spiaggia di Vignanotica, Vittoria Light

Il faro di vieste in hd col mare agitato 16 settembre 2012

Vieste Lighthouse (Italian: Faro di Vieste) is an active lighthouse on the islet of Santa Eufemia, located between the rocks of Santa Croce and San Francesco, just opposite the town of Vieste, Apulia, Italy. Its position is strategic for the shipping lanes in the middle and lower Adriatic Sea.


Map of Faro di Santa Eufemia, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


The lighthouse was built on plan by Francesco Saverio Gatta in 1867 in limestone; it has an octagonal prism form with balcony and lantern and it is placed atop a 2-storey building. The tower is unpainted and it is 27 metres (89 ft) high; the lantern is positioned at an height of 40 metres (130 ft) above sea level. The lighthouse was automated in 1997 and is operated by the Lighthouses Service of Marina Militare, identified by the Country code number 3816 E.F. The light emits three white flashes in a fifteen seconds period visible up to 25 nautical miles (46 km; 29 mi).

The lighthouse is completely controlled and operated by the Command Area Lighthouses Navy based in Venice which incidentally takes care of all the lighthouses of the Adriatic. The Marina Militare has been responsible for managing of all the lights along Italy's 8000 kilometre coastline Italian since 1910, using both military and civilian technicians.

An interesting feature is that the lighthouse got its electricity by an overhead powerline from the Italian mainland, which ends directly at the lighthose. East of the lighthouse, there is a free-standling lattice tower insulated against ground used for a DGPS-transmitter working on 292.5 kHz.


Vieste Lighthouse Wikipedia

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