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Victoria Kovalchuk

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Name  Victoria Kovalchuk

Victoria Kovalchuk
Born  26 January 1954 (1954-01-26) Kovel, Ukraine
Education  Ukrainian Polygraph Institute
Known for  painting, writing, design

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Viktoria Kovalchuk (born 26 January 1954 in Kovel, Volyn region, Ukrainian SSR) is a graphic artist, illustrator, designer, and writer living and working in Lviv in Western Ukraine.


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Born in 1954 in Kovel, Volyn region to an official and a doctor, Victoria Kovalchuk was interested in painting and writing since childhood and attended various art clubs and an evening art school. In school Kovalchuk took part in and won different regional and national literary contests.

Kovalchuk has written a lot of fairy tales and short stories. Her articles on art and society are often published in Ukrainian newspapers.

During 1972-1978, Kovalchuk was studying at the Ukrainian Polygraph Institute. Upon graduating she worked as a head of book design department of the Ukrainian Polygraph Institute, the head of design at the publishing house The Highest School, the design editor of Bricklager publishing house, and a lecturer at the Ukrainian Design Academy.

Kovalchuk is now an independent artist, who paints paintings and illustrate books. She has already completed about 200 books in various genres, among them more than thirty for children.

One of the greatest works is ABC, which received the First Degree Diploma at the 2000 Ukrainian Art Books contest and was named the best book of the year. Specialists admit it as one of the best books on the alphabet in the world. ABC has been reprinted nine times for a total circulation of more than 200,000 copies.

Another book Ukrainian folk clothing contains her scientific research in the ethnography field. She worked on it for four years: from 1990 until 1994. A perfectly illustrated book, it was recognized as one of the best book of 2001.

Her children's book The Golden Penguin was published in the United Kingdom in 2004 and was presented in Covent Garden in London. Characters from the book were performed by the actors of the Covent Garden Theatre.

Kovalchuk has won a large number of other prizes in Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova. Her paintings have been shown at international exhibitions in Lviv, Kiev, Koktebel, Moscow, and Volgograd. In 1999 Lviv State Television produced the film Poetic Theatre of Victoria Kovalchuk directed by Evgenij Bondarenko.

Creative work

The creative motto of Victoria Kovalchuk is: "An artist is a herald, not the gardener of his own pride."

A mythical realist, her work is greatly influenced by symbolism, futurism, and folk art.

Since 2005 Kovalchuk has been created her own line, called «prikolizm» (en: «fun-art»), a kind of protest against consumerism with decadent postmodernist decadence.

Living in Lviv, the town where various cultures cross, the artist tries to absorb the best traditions of Polish, Hebrew and Russian people that have lived in Galicia together for hundreds of years. Kovalchuk is also interested in life of the Carpathian Highlanders: their traditions, customs, and beliefs. Her pictures are full of love and tolerance.

Victoria Kovalchuks artist works could be divided into several periods:

  1. Ethno-period with surrealist elements,
  2. East period – meditative paintings under the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism,
  3. Mythical realism – an attempt to visualize the properties of a human soul,
  4. «Prikolizm» (Fun-art) – a reply to vulgar materialism, mechanistic civilization with the cult of greed and violence.


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