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Vice President of Mauritius

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Style  His Excellency
Salary  Rs 2.5 Million
Vice-President of Mauritius
Nominator  Elected by members of the National Assembly on a motion made by the Prime Minister
Website  Vice President of Mauritius

The Vice-President of the Republic of Mauritius (French: Vice-Président de la République de Maurice) is the second-highest office of the Republic of Mauritius. Because Mauritius is a parliamentary republic, the Vice-President functions as a ceremonial figurehead, elected by the National Assembly, as set out by the Constitution of Mauritius. The current Vice-President is Barlen Vyapoory; he took office on 29 March 2016.



In the event of the death, resignation or removal of the President, the Vice-President ascends to the presidency, which he or she holds as acting President. The Vice-President nevertheless cannot succeed to the presidency in case of dismissal, resignation or death of the head of state but he can be nominated by the parliament to succeed to the President and if elected, his term will start for a full mandate of five years.

List of Vice-Presidents

A list of Vice-Presidents, since Mauritius became a republic on 12 March 1992.


Vice-President of Mauritius Wikipedia

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