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River mouth  Aveyron
Length  168 km
Source elevation  1,070 m
Mouth  Aveyron
Bridges  Viaur Viaduct
Basin size  1,530 km (590 sq mi)
Discharge  6 m³/s
Source  Massif Central
Country  France
Viaur paysduviaurfreefrimagesbonduy2jpg
Main source  Massif Central 1,070 m (3,510 ft)
Progression  Aveyron→ Tarn→ Garonne→ Atlantic Ocean

The Viaur is a 168 km long river in south-western France, left tributary of the Aveyron River. Its source is in the southern Massif Central, north of Millau. It flows generally west through the following départements and towns:

Map of Le Viaur, France

  • Aveyron: Pont-de-Salars
  • Tarn: Pampelonne
  • Tarn-et-Garonne: Laguépie
  • The Viaur flows into the Aveyron River in Laguépie.

    Its main tributary is the Céor.


    Viaur Wikipedia

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