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Vaazhga Jananayagam

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Directed by  E. Ramadoss
Cinematography  Thangar Bachan
Produced by  J. A. Mohamed Ali
Written by  John Amirtharaj E. Ramadoss (dialogues)
Starring  Mansoor Ali Khan Pragathi John Amirtharaj S. S. Chandran T. S. Raghavendra Pandu Raveendra Babu Mahanadi Shankar
Music by  Original Songs Mansoor Ali Khan Background Score S. P. Venkatesh

Vaazhga Jananayagam (English: Long Live Democracy) is a 1996 Tamil political satire film directed by E. Ramadoss. The film features Mansoor Ali Khan and Pragathi in the lead roles, with John Amirtharaj, S. S. Chandran, T. S. Raghavendra, Pandu, Raveendra Babu and Mahanadi Shankar playing supporting roles. The film, produced by J. A. Mohamed Ali, had musical score by actor Mansoor Ali Khan and was released on 7 March 1996. The film failed at the box office.



Bhagat Singh (Mansoor Ali Khan) is an angry young man who cannot tolerate injustice. He buys and sells old stuff: he owns a small junk shop. Next to his shop, there is a fruit shop owned by the bubbly Anjala (Pragathi). Anjala likes to tease the short-tempered Bhagat Singh.

The corrupt police officer Sivashankar (Mahanadi Shankar) is transferred to a new city, there he forces the tradespeople to give him bribes. One day, he clashes with the talkative Anjala. Bhagat Singh stops their fight, and humialites the corrupt police officer. Later, Sivashankar tries to rape Anjala but Bhagat Singh comes in time and saves her. Worried about Anjala, Bhagat Singh immediately gets married to her.

One day, Bhagat Singh witnesses the murder of a journalist in front of his shop. The goons then beat up Bhagat Singh for no reason, he then hits back and Bhagat Singh wounds severely the local don Zinda (Raveendra Babu). This news reaches the Minister Sisubalan (John Amirtharaj) who considered the don Zinda as his right hand. Sisubalan asks Bhagat Singh to join him but he refuses. Later that night, Bhagat Singh is arrested and beaten by the police.

In a police lockup, Bhagat Singh remembers his tragic past. In the past, Bhagat Singh was a graduate and lived with his mother but could not find a job. Bhagat Singh and his mother sold their house to bribe Sisubalan's accountant Ramanujam (T. S. Raghavendra). Sisubalan and Ramanujam ripped him off and Bhagat Singh's mother died due to the shock. Heartbroken, Bhagat Singh decided to become a junk dealer.

The rest of the story is how Bhagat Singh takes revenge on his enemies.


The film score and the soundtrack were composed by actor Mansoor Ali Khan. The soundtrack, released in 1996, features 8 tracks with lyrics written by Mansoor Ali Khan.


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