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Twist (album)

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Twist (1994)
The Islander (1998)

Release date

Epic/Sony Records

Dave Dobbyn

Neil Finn

Rock music

Twist (album) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen448Dav

1994 (NZ) 8 August 1995 (US)

Available Light, Anotherland, Lament for the Numb, Beside You: 30 Years of, Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale

Twist (1994) is the third solo album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn, his first recorded in New Zealand after almost a decade living overseas. It was produced by Neil Finn and featured Finn and two members of The Mutton Birds on guitars, bass and drums, as well as contributions by Tim Finn, Don McGlashan and US record producer Tchad Blake. The album was released in the United States with a slightly altered track listing, and some tracks replaced by songs from his previous album. First single "Language" reached number four on the New Zealand charts.



After the struggle to release his previous album Lament For The Numb, Dobbyn returned to New Zealand. Fellow New Zealand musician Neil Finn had also just returned to the country with the ending of Crowded House and was happy to have the opportunity to work on another artists' album. Dobbyn credits Finn for giving the album much of its sound.

Track listing

All tracks written by Dave Dobbyn, except where noted.

The US release featured an altered track list, and three songs from Dobbyn's previous album Lament for the Numb.{}


  • Dave Dobbyn — vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards
  • Neil Finn — guitars, backing vocals, piano, optigan, keyboards
  • Alan Gregg — bass
  • Ross Burge — drums
  • Tchad Blake — noise
  • Tim Finn — backing vocal, percussion, drums ("Language")
  • Don McGlashan — euphonium ("It Dawned On Me")
  • Emma Paki — backing vocals ("Naked Flame")
  • Robert Issell — violin
  • Christine Bowie — viola
  • Ashley Hopkins — bass clarinet
  • Miguel Fuentes — percussion ("Naked Flame", "I Can't Change My Name")
  • Nathan Haines — tenor sax ("P.C.")
  • Liam Finn — backing vocals ("P.C.")
  • Cameron Lindsay — backing vocals ("P.C.")
  • Lindsay and Elroy Finn — backing vocals ("P.C.")
  • Critical reception

    Reception was positive. In 2009, New Zealand rock journalist Graham Reid described Twist as "the album of Dobbyn's career."


    1The Lap of the Gods4:01
    2Naked Flame4:46


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