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Twin Dragons

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Director  Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam
Initial DVD release  September 7, 1999
Country  Hong Kong
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Comedy
Producers  Teddy Robin, Ng See-yuen
Language  Cantonese
Twin Dragons movie poster
Writer  Barry Wong, Tsui Hark, Joe Cheung, Teddy Robin Kwan
Release date  15 January 1992 (1992-01-15)
Initial release  January 15, 1992 (Hong Kong)
Cast  Jackie Chan (Ma Yau / Die Hard (John Ma / Boomer in US version)), Maggie Cheung (Barbara), Teddy Robin Kwan (Tarzan (Tyson in US Version) (as Teddy Robin)), Anthony Chan (Hotel Staffer Chan), Philip Chan Yan-Kin (Hotel Manager), Sylvia Chang (Twins' Mother)
Similar movies  No Good Deed, Phantom of Death
Tagline  Twice the action!

Twin dragons trailer

Twin Dragons (also known as Shuang long hui and Brother vs. Brother) is a 1992 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark, and starring Jackie Chan in two roles as a pair of twin brothers.


Twin Dragons movie scenes

Twin dragons 1992 official trailer jackie chan twin martial arts movie hd


Twin Dragons movie scenes

In 1965, a couple (Sylvia Chang and James Wong) are doting on their newborn twin boys. Meanwhile, a dangerous gang leader named Crazy Kung (Kirk Wong) is being transported as a captive in the same hospital. Crazy Kung escapes and attempts to take one of the twins hostage. In the ensuing chaos, the twins are permanently separated. One of them, named Ma Yau, is raised by his parents and grows up to be a concert pianist and conductor. The other, named Wan Ma, is raised by a woman named Tsui (Mabel Cheung), and grows up to be a street racer and martial artist. Neither of them has ever thought that he has a twin brother.

Twin Dragons movie scenes

26 years later, the twins' (Jackie Chan) lives intersect in Hong Kong. Wan Ma and his best friend Tyson (Teddy Robin) get mixed up with a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Ma Yau prepares to conduct a major concert. The twins accidentally switch places, causing confusion for both of them until they discover each other. The twins also have romantic interests named Barbara (Maggie Cheung) and Tong Sum (Nina Li Chi).

Twin Dragons movie scenes

Eventually, the twins defeat the gang that has been threatening them, and marry their romantic interests.


Twin Dragons movie scenes
  • Jackie Chan as Ma Yau / Bok Min (John Ma / Boomer in the American release)
  • Maggie Cheung as Barbara
  • Nina Li Chi as Tong Sum (Tammy in the American release)
  • Teddy Robin Kwan as Tarzan (Tyson in the American release)
  • Anthony Chan as hotel staffer
  • Philip Chan as hotel manager Chen
  • Sylvia Chang as the twins' mother
  • James Wong as the twins' father
  • Alfred Cheung as Boss Wing
  • Jacob Cheung as cafe cashier
  • Cheung Tung-jo as orchestra member
  • John Keung as hotel security officer
  • Chor Yuen as Uncle Tang (Tammy's father)
  • Lau Kar-leung as doctor
  • Kirk Wong as Crazy Kung
  • Wong Lung-wai as Wai
  • Lai Ying-chow as Tsao
  • Jamie Luk as Rocky
  • John Woo as priest
  • Tsui Siu-ming as priest
  • Eric Tsang as man talking on the phone
  • David Wu as waiter
  • Pa Shan as thug
  • Ringo Lam as car mechanic
  • Ng Sze-yuen as car mechanic
  • Tsui Hark as car mechanic
  • Clifton Ko as sports shop owner
  • Production

    Twin Dragons movie scenes

    According to co-director Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam handled most of the action scenes in the film. The action in the film has a larger focus on actual martial arts rather than Jackie Chan's usual comedic style.


    Twin Dragons movie scenes

    On the film's release in Hong Kong, Twin Dragons was the ninth highest grossing film of the year, earning HK$33,225,134 during its theatrical run. The film received an American release on 9 April 1999 in a dubbed version. The American release of the film cuts 16 minutes of scenes involving Wong Jing and Lau Kar-leung in a hospital and a fantasy scene involving Maggie Cheung singing. The film grossed a total of HK$8,332,431 in the United States.


    At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film has received an average score of 54, based on 15 reviews. The Austin Chronicle gave the film a positive review of three and a half stars out of five, noting that the film is "only for those who are fully on the bus with Jackie's approach...and who won't let a little bad (okay, execrable) English-language dubbing get in the way of their movie enjoyment." The A.V. Club gave a positive review, but noted that it "probably won't make anyone forget Dragons Forever, Wheels On Meals, Project A, or any number of other excellent Chan films" Some reviews critiqued the special effects, such as in Variety which noted "the camera trickery is glaringly cheesy in some shots, greatly undercutting the illusion of twin brothers in the same frame. When the two brothers first meet in a hotel lavatory, it's easy to see how two shots have been overlapped." TV Guide gave the film one star out of four, noting that it "suffers from some very dicey twinning effects when the brothers are in frame together. Only die-hard and undemanding Chan fans need apply." Jackie Chan was unhappy with how Twin Dragons came out to be primarily based on the special effects. Chan stated that he worked with Tsui Hark who he felt would provide the film with better special effects. Chan was so soured with the results of the special effects that he decided he would only attempt more special-effect based work in his American productions.


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