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Tubig at Langis

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Also known as
Broken Vows

Developed by
Ruel S. Bayani

Final episode date
2 September 2016

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Number of seasons

Tubig at Langis httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenff8Tub

Melodrama, Family drama, Romance

Based on
Danny Zialcita's Langis at Tubig (1980 film)

Written by
Carmela L. Abaygar, Bridgette Ann Rebuca, Margarette Labrador, Maribel Ilag, Randy Q. Villanueva, Jose Ruel L. Garcia, Abigail Junia

Bridges of Love, Walang Hanggan (2012 TV series), The Legal Wife

Tubig at langis lucy and irene get back at clara

Tubig at Langis (Lit: Water and Oil), (English: Broken Vows) is a 2016 Philippine melodramatic family drama television series based on the 1980 film Langis at Tubig, starring Vilma Santos, Amy Austria-Ventura and Dindo Fernando. Directed by FM Reyes, it is topbilled by Cristine Reyes, Zanjoe Marudo and Isabelle Daza. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on February 1, 2016 to September 2, 2016, replacing All of Me. Vivian Velez resigned from the series due to difficult working with Cristine Reyes.


Marudo and Reyes reunited in the series after Star Cinema's Bromance: My Brother's Romance last 2013.

Season 1

Tubig at Langis began with Irene (Cristine Reyes), a good and responsible daughter until Jaime (Victor Silayan) accidentally gets her pregnant. Meanwhile, Jaime has a first family residing in Australia and left Irene and their child, Mico (Miguel Vergara) behind forcing her to raise the boy on her own.

Five years later, Irene moved on and reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and the two got married, but failed to conceive a child after many attempts. On the other hand, Natoy's family couldn't accept Irene because she has a child from her previous relationship. One day, Irene and Natoy consulted a doctor because she began showing signs of pregnancy. At first, the doctor declared that Irene is pregnant but on the second ultrasound, the doctor found out that the baby doesn't have a heartbeat anymore, declaring that Irene suffered from a miscarriage.

Tubig at Langis GLAM SHOTS of Tubig at Langis stars

Meanwhile, Jaime returned to Irene on a party that Irene organized for Conching (Vivian Velez). Then, the friends of Conching took a group picture but after they have taken a look at it, they saw Jaime hugging Irene whom they mislead as the third party. Conching then showed Natoy the photo, urging him to follow Irene. After she followed Irene, he saw Jaime holding Irene's hand. After what he saw, he went to Clara (Isabelle Daza) drunk and because of what he saw on Irene and Jaime, he accidentally gets Clara pregnant.

Tubig at Langis LOOK Cristine ReyesZanjoe Marudo wedding ceremony in Tubig at

Irene then saw Clara and Natoy on an apartment that Natoy bought for Clara because of her father that is always hurting her. Natoy then told Irene the truth that he and Clara will be having a child. When Irene's father, Domeng (Lito Pimentel) and Tope (Marco Gumabao) knew about Natoy's unfaithfulness, he immediately went to Natoy's house to confront because of lying to Irene. But while Domeng is hitting Natoy, Conching had a heart attack causing her to die. Lucy (Dionne Monsanto), Conching's middle child, wants justice for what happened for her mom and files cases against Tope and Domeng. Tope is free from prison because it was proven that he was there to stop Domeng from confronting Natoy.

Tubig at Langis Tubig at Langis Main

The day of the court has arrived about the cases filed against Domeng, Lucy's testimonies were first but Lucy lied about the case, she said that Domeng hit Natoy and Conching that caused Conching's heart attack. On the second day of the court, Natoy testifies for Irene saying that he was only the one that Domeng attacked, that he didn't touched Conching. Irene has finally forgiven Natoy for what he did. On the other hand, Clara boasts the baby to Irene and she always says that wedding papers are the only reason why Natoy is still with her.

One night, Natoy made a plan on a resort to surprise Irene on her birthday and have a vacation. Meanwhile, Clara followed them to ruin Irene's birthday. One night on the resort, Clara put something on Natoy's drink to make him go to sleep. Clara then starts kissing Natoy with her cellphone filming them, Natoy is now half-awake and thinks that Clara is Irene. Emma (Ingrid dela Paz) went to Clara's room to visit Baby Nathan (Clara's Child) but instead of seeing Nathan, she saw Natoy and Clara kissing each other laying on the sofa. When Natoy is totally awake, he saw Clara and immediately pushed her away.

After that, Natoy and Irene are trying their hardest to conceive a baby, Irene set an appointment to a doctor for conceiving a baby and Clara offered help to Irene to go with her to the hospital but Irene passed out in the hospital. Clara called Natoy and Jaime, so Jaime went to Irene bringing a pampatulog but Irene waked up before Jaime put it in her nose and Natoy heard Irene shouting help. Causing Irene to file a restraining order against Jaime.

Season 2

Clara is pregnant again and she is saying that Natoy is the father of the baby, Clara also forced Emma to tell Irene that she saw them because Clara knew that Emma was the one who saw them. Emma told Irene the truth she saw Clara and Natoy on the resort and that she is sure that something happened to them, causing Irene to be mad at Natoy for the second time and would test their love for each other. Irene then decides to break up with Natoy, saying that she love Natoy but love is not enough. Clara, on the other hand, is happy because of the success of her plans.

After the break up, Irene discovered that she is pregnant with Natoy's baby. But Irene chose not to tell Natoy about the baby, she'd rather be a single mom than tell Natoy about the baby when her heart is full of madness and pain. Natoy on the other hand, has problem about his business Villadolid seafoods because of his Aunt Mira (Jean Saburit). Aunt Mira offered help about the shrimps in the business but didn't do her job well by mixing unhealthy shrimps and healthy ones that causes healthy shrimps to die and almost caused Natoy's business to go down.

Natoy, still don't believe Clara that he is the father of Clara's baby, making him to do the paternity test. After the doctor made the paternity test, the result of the test shocked Natoy because it turns out that he is really the father of Clara's child, making Irene really mad at Natoy causing her to cut her ties with him. But the day before the paternity test, Jaime tampered the results by changing the name of the alleged father from Jaime Agoncillo to Natoy Villadolid, making it look like that Natoy is really the father of Clara's baby.

Jaime, gives the tampered results to Irene. Making Irene very mad and wants to go to Natoy madly. Meanwhile, Josie (Ynez Veneracion), Irene's biological mother, follows her and got hit by a car because of Irene. After that, Jaime accompanied Becca to send her to the hospital to go to Irene, Natoy then followed Jaime and discovered that Irene is pregnant, but Irene doesn't want Natoy to go back to her life.

Lucy, on the other hand, wants her mom's wealth because Conching gave it all to Clara. Lucy then tries to tamper her mom's last will and testament, but instead of getting the wealth and everything that Conching gave to Clara, the court decided that she has no rights to get her mom's wealth because she was just adopted by Conching.

Natoy then discovered that Jaime is wanted in Australia for the offense of killing his first wife, Nancy (Antoinette Taus) and for borrowing money from his friends without returning it. He killed Nancy for the sake of returning to Irene. He then brought Irene to an abandoned restaurant, then he proposed to Irene. Irene went with Jaime because she thought that it was a client meeting instead of a proposal. But Irene did not accept the proposal and pushed him away. Until Natoy and the police saw them, Jaime, brought Irene in the kitchen of the restaurant to escape from the police, but Irene escaped from Jaime and so as Jaime escaped from the police.

Jaime, convinces Lucy to help him meet with Mico. Lucy agrees to help him with his plan, but a tragic accident happened - Natoy saved Mico from getting hit by a motorcycle, which was planned by Clara's father. Natoy was brought to the hospital but still has no consciousness. He is currently in a coma. Meanwhile, Lucy still works against Clara to get the will and testament of her mom. Emma then helps Lucy because she was the only one who got legal rights. After that, Clara was finally evicted again from the Villadolid house.

Jaime, on the other hand, is now sorry for his sins against Natoy and Irene. One night, Jaime told Clara to meet in front of Irene's house to tell the truth that Natoy is not the biological father of Clara's second baby, but Clara didn't know all along that it was Jaime's plan to tell the truth and when they were in front of Irene's house, Clara gets a bottle and breaks it to stab Jaime when she knew that Jaime would tell the truth to Irene. But Jaime still managed to tell the truth to Irene even in his last breath.

Clara is now wanted for the offense of homicide because of killing Jaime. Irene and Lucy now made a scene because of Clara, she killed Jaime and she still even managed to go to his wake. Clara then denies the sin that she made of killing Jaime. She also denied that Jaime is the father of her second baby even though the truth was completely spoiled that Natoy is not the father but Jaime. Reybong (Archie Alemania) now calls the police to catch Clara before she can escape again. After Jaime's funeral, the Villadolids and the Magdangals attended to the court for a hearing about their case against Clara. Later that, Clara was found guilty and sentenced for life imprisonment.

Season 3

Mira then received the DNA test that she made about her child. It turns out that Lucy is her child, but Lucy can't accept Mira as her mother. Irene then gives birth, when Clara mourns for the loss of her child because of a war in prison. Nestor, Clara's father, helps Clara to escape from prison. After that, he teaches Clara how to use a gun for her revenge to Irene and to the Villadolid family.

Nestor then went to the mansion of the Villadolid to win Nathan back and attacked Lucy and Irene's car in exchange for Nathan. But Lucy was the one who was abducted because she got out of the car because the car was tinted and they can't see Irene and Lucy inside, so Lucy got out of the car thinking of Irene's safety. But hours after Lucy was abducted, she managed to escape from Clara, Nestor and Jun. Mira and Natoy then finds Lucy and Mira finally gained the forgiveness that she is longing from her child, Lucy.

Afterwards, Clara threatened Natoy that she will shoot Irene, Mico or Natoy's new child, Emily. He quickly went to Clara with the police to protect his family. After, Natoy and the police went to the hideout of Nestor, Clara and Jun. Jun offered that he will be distracting the police and he will escape. But when he tried to escape, he was shot by the police causing his death which angers Clara greatly and plans to revenge on Natoy and Irene.

Clara and Nestor are the only who is left now that Jun is gone. One night, they prepared a party for Domeng's birthday. But unknown to them, there is a danger that waiting for them. Clara and Nestor spilled gas all over the house for them to get Nathan. Nestor then let the house explode with Nathan inside. Everyone in the house was safe, but Clara and Nestor still didn't stop on their evil plans.

Nestor went to the hospital where Natoy and Irene's family are treated to get Nathan. But Natoy saw him and ran after him, so as the police. Natoy caught Nestor and they fought until Nestor was placed inside a machine where he got squeezed and later died.

The Villadolid family decided to transfer to a safer place where Clara can't find them. Natoy and Irene together with their child Emily went first to the new house. But when Natoy decided to buy food and drinks, he didn't noticed that Clara is spying on them and so as Natoy was buying food, Clara entered the car and immediately abducted Irene. Clara brought Irene to where did Natoy and Clara first met. She is unstoppable in killing Irene and Emily so that Natoy will only love her and Nathan. Natoy saw Irene laying on the ground with Clara pointing a gun on her. Until she saw Natoy's love for Irene and had her conscience and decided to kill herself instead. But Irene and Natoy stopped her from doing that because she has a child. Clara then surrendered to the police.

Natoy then offered Irene to marry him again as a sign of a new start now that there are no more worries about Clara or Nestor. They married each other again and they lived happily ever after.

Guest cast

  • Luke Conde as Alvin
  • Johan Santos as Bryan
  • Lucy's husband, Conching's son-in-law, and Natoy and Emma's brother-in-law who separated with her and harbors feelings for Irene. (season 1)
  • Kamille Filoteo
  • Kyra Custodio
  • Yana Asistio
  • Micah Muñoz
  • Gigi Locsin
  • JC Santos as Noah
  • Jaime's friend who he borrowed money from. (season 2)
  • Divina Valencia
  • Jenny Miller as Abigail
  • Natoy's ex-girlfriend who Conching wanted for him before she met Clara. (season 1)
  • AJ Dee as Matteo
  • Barbara Perez as Delilah
  • Conching's friend. (season 1)
  • Ron Morales as Melchor
  • Dante Ponce as Governor Salamanca
  • Nestor's boss who threatened his life along with Jun. He order's Nestor to do his dirty work, late the kidnapped him and Jun and threatened that he would kill Clara and Nathan. Later he and Melchor get killed by Nestor when they escape. (season 1-2)
  • Tanya Gomez as Azon
  • The former prison leader where Clara was sentenced. Later got killed by Clara's father Nestor during the prison breakout and escape. (season 3)
  • Special participation

  • Boboy Garovillo as Vicente Villadolid: Conching's late husband, Natoy, Lucy, and Emma's father, and Mira's lover. (seasons 1-3) (flashbacks and pictures only)
  • Antoinette Taus as Nancy Agoncillo: Jaime's deceased wife who got killed in a fire than Jaime plotted. She confronted Irene when she found out Jaime was cheating on her. (season 1)
  • Pamu Pamorada as Pilar Custodio: Clara's best friend who got murdered by Nestor. (season 1)
  • Veyda Inoval as teen Irene Magdangal: Young Irene grew up without her biological mother Josie, but she is happy with only her father raising and loving her. Later inherits a stepmother and stepbrother who she treats as her own family. (season 1)
  • Bugoy Cariño as teen Christopher "Tope" Nieves-Magdangal (season 1)
  • Casting Changes

    Ingrid dela Paz was originally part of the main cast for the role of Clara. But ABS-CBN replaced her with actress and former Dabarkads of Eat Bulaga!, Isabelle Daza. ABS-CBN stated that she was still too young for the role of a mistress, and that also there was a kissing scene. She was later placed in the supporting cast with the role of Emma Villadolid.


    On April 13, 2016, the series was rescheduled to a later timeslot of 4:15PM right after It's Showtime extended its timeslot occupation.

    1 Week/Final Season

    The series was supposedly to end on September 9, 2016. Tubig at Langis was down on its last 3 weeks on August 22, 2016. But ABS-CBN decided to end it on September 2, 2016, cancelling one week for the series. The Greatest Love replaced it on September 5, 2016.

    Controversy between Cristine Reyes and Vivian Velez

    Veteran actress, Vivian Velez, resigned from the 'Tubig at Langis' series due to difficulty working with fellow co-star, Cristine Reyes. On several interviews, Velez stated that she has never been so humiliated and said "I do not want special treatment, but some respect."

    Reyes during an interview with Boy Abunda, decided not to give further information about the controversy and keep quiet to avoid further problems. As such, production staff killed Velez's character, Conching, in order for her to fully resign. Velez's character was replaced by another veteran actress, Jean Saburit, who played Altamira Peterson, Conching's sister, respectively.


    On May 17, 2016, Tubig at Langis received the highest TV rating of 18.1% with its episode, "Sukdulan", versus its rival program The Millionaire's Wife which only registered 10%. On July 15, 2016, The series beat its all-time high rating and registered 18.5% with its episode, "Pahamak", compared to Sa Piling ni Nanay which is the rival program who only got 10.8%. On July 29, 2016, The series once again beat its all-time high ratings and registered 19.4% with its episode, "Pag-Amin", compared to Sa Piling ni Nanay who only got 10.4%. On August 1, 2016, one episode ahead its all-time high rating, the series once again beat it's all-time high rating and registered 19.8% with its episode, "Bunyag", compared to Sa Piling ni Nanay who only got 10.7%.

    On August 8, 2016, Tubig at Langis beat its previous all-time high of 19.8%, and scored 20.1% with its episode, "Aresto", compared to its rival program, Sa Piling ni Nanay who only got a low rating of 9.7%. This set a new record as it entered the 20% territory. On August 9, 2016, after a day of its all-time high rating, the series once again beat its all-time high rating of 21.1% with its episode, "Bilanggo", compared to its rival show Sa Piling ni Nanay who only scored 10.8%.

    On September 2, 2016, more viewers tuned in to the finale of the series, which recorded its all-time high national TV rating of 21.6% compared to Sa Piling ni Nanay that only got 12.3%.


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