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Tripura Baptist Christian Union

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Tripura Baptist Christian Union

The Tripura Baptist Christian Union (TBCU) is the largest protestant church body in the Indian state of Tripura. It has its head office in Agartala, the state capital. The TBCU is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) and the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). It is also a member church in the North East India Christian Council (NEICC), a regional church body of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI). As of 2013, TBCU had around 98,000 members in 840 churches.



The union was formed under the leadership of Rev. M.J. Eade in December 1938 in Lakshmilunga, a village six miles from Agartala. TBCU was supported and funded from the beginning by the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS) and they provided most of the staff till the 1960s. Since then TBCU has now become an independent indigenous self-supporting church organisation. Rev. M.J. Eade was appointed as the first General Secretary of the Tripura Baptist Christian Union. Rev. Lalhuala Darlong was the first national General Secretary.

TBCU employs many pastors and evangelists and runs community programs such as schools and dispensaries. Since the early 80s, it has been working in partnerships with the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) and also with the Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM) from Mizoram. Both BCM and ECM have many workers in Tripura working as missionaries and evangelist/teachers in various TBCU churches and schools.

TBCU celebrated its Golden jubilee and Diamond Jubilees in 1988 and 1998 respectively with much fanfare.


TBCU has its office in the Baptist Mission Compound at Arundhutinagar, Agartala.

The Mission Compound was established in the year 1938 under an official land grant by the then King of Tripura Kingdom, Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya, to the Baptist missionaries from New Zealand.


It has the following affiliated associations:

  1. Sadar North Baptist Association (SNBA)
  2. Central Baptist Association (CBA)
  3. Kok Baptist Association (KOKBA)
  4. Udaipur Baptist Association (UBA)
  5. Sabroom Baptist Association (SBA)
  6. Kailashahar Baptist Christian Association (KBCA)
  7. Jampui Sakhan Baptist Association (JSBA)
  8. Achik Krima
  9. Amarpur-Raima-Sarma Association (ARSA)
  10. Saisawm-Sazai Baptist Association (SSBA)
  11. Dharmanagar-Longai Baptist Association (DLBA)
  12. Yapri Baptist Association (YBA)
  13. Kamalpur Baptist Association (KBA)
  14. Songang Baptist Christian Association (SBCA)
  15. Dergang Baptist Association (DBA)
  16. Salka Baptist Association (SKBA)
  17. Saisawm Sazai BAptist Association (SSBA)

Every year a meeting of the Council Members of the TBCU is organised at one of the churches within the Union.

St. Paul's School

The TBCU runs the St. Paul's School which is situated in Arundhutinagar, Agartala. The school was started in the early 1940s as the first English Medium school in the Kingdom of Tripura.

Currently, the Principal of School is Miss Thanzuali and the Vice-Principal is Mr. James Muankima.

The school is a Higher Secondary school with classes from K.G. to Class XII. It is affiliated to CISCE. There are more than 1500 students. The school has evolved to become one of the best institutions in the state. The number of officers, doctors, teachers, professors, engineers and other government servants presently serving under the government of the state of Tripura is a testimony to this fact. It has contributed immensely towards the educational upliftment and development of the schedules tribes as well as also the non-schedules tribes population of the state.

Apart from St. Paul's school, another school at Darchawi village in Unakoti district of Tripura, namely "Darchawi S.B Bengali medium school" was also developed by the NZBMS with the financial aid of the Government of Tripura.


  1. Kok English Medium School,—


The JSBA currently runs two schools called :

St.Thomas English Medium School

St.Thomas English Medium School located at Vanghmun village. It was established in the year 1979. It imparts quality education to the mostly scheduled Tribes students living in and around Jampui hill. Pu Lalnunsanga is the Headmaster of the school. The school have KG to Class X standards. The school is affiliated to the Tripura Board of School education (TBSE). Every year a considerable number of Madhyamik students appear for their examination and come out with flying colours. It has been contributing greatly for the educational development of the people of Jampui hill. The school is also having a Boarding house where both Boys and Girls students can get admission. Stipend is also being provided by the Tribal Welfare Department of Tripura for which each year a good number of poor students can pursue their educational careers in the said school.

Pohor English Medium School

Pohor English Medium school is another school established in the year 2008 at Chawmanu under Chailengta Sub-Division of Dhalai District. Currently, the school is having KG to Class V standards. The school is headed by a group of dedicated staffs looking after the welfare of the students. The performance is improving with each passing days. There are plan to expand the institution and raise the standards.

St James High School

St JAmes Higher Secondary School is located in Gongrai Molsom village. It was established in 1980. The school is mainly for the scheduled Tribes students.The school is affiliated to Tripura Board of Secondary Education.... The school have LKG to Classes XII standards. Every Year the school have numbers of Madhyamik Students.... Boarding House for both Boys and Girls attached... It has been contributing greatly for the educational for the people of ST students....The school is running by BAptist Church of Mizoram Collaboration with Saisawm Sazai Baptist Association....

Principal Mr. C.Vanlalsawma M.A B.Ed. (BCM Missionary)

Theology College

The TBCU runs a Theology college from its mission compound in Agartala where mission workers are being trained in Biblical doctrines and other theological studies. The former General Secretary of TBCU, Rev. Rajani Kaipeng is the principal of the college. Other dedicated theologians and teachers are also employed in the college. If there is Theology College in Mission Compound then why not trained church members it also focus to every Christian and all churches.


Earlier, the TBCU ran its own Hospital at their headquarters from the 1930s until 1980 when it was discontinued, providing free treatment to the tribals and locals of the state.

Presently under SNBA a hospital is being constructed at Patni village of West Tripura around 20 km from Agartala city.

Social Service

Since its inception. the TBCU has been supporting the several voluntary NGOs dedicated to the development of the poor tribals living in the remote hamlets of Tripura.

Institute of Community Transformation

  • Sponsored by Seva Bharat (Mission India)
  • Location: Madhab Baptist Church, Mandwi Baptist Pastoral Circle.


    TBCU in partnership with the Bible Society of India has been active in translating the Bible and New Testament in various local languages of Tripura.

    Smai Kwtal

    The New Testament of the Bible in Kokborok language, the dialect of the native people of Tripura was first published in 1976.

    The translation team were:

    1. Rev. B.K. Smith, NZBMS
    2. Rev. Jong Bahadur Debbarma, TBCU
    3. Mr. Ramesh Debbarma, TBCU

    Baibel Kwthar

    The full Holy Bible in Kokborok language was published for the first time in the year 2013 by the Bible Society of India.

    The TBCU translation team were:

    1. Rev. Jong Bahadur Debbarma, CBA
    2. Rev. Anil Debbarma, CBA
    3. Rev. Nilmani Debbarma, SNBA
    4. Mr. Mark Debbarma, CBA
    5. Mr. Chitta Debbarma, SNBA
    6. Dn. Chitta Ranjan Debbarma, SNBA


    Under the Tripura Baptist Christian Literature Committee and the Kokborok Christian Literature Committee (KCLC) various songbooks, tracts and study materials are regularly published by the TBCU.


    TBCU has more than 840 churches with a total communicant membership of more than 98,000.


  • General Secretary: Rev. C.K. Debbarma
  • Associate General Secretary: Rev. Ngaituasunga Darlong
  • Secretary: Rev. Lalthanliana
  • Sadar North Baptist Association (SNBA)

    Pastors of SNBA

    1. Rev. C. K. Debbarma (General Secretary, TBCU)
    2. Rev. R. K. Debbarma (Secretary, Jamilwng Pastoral Circle)
    3. Rev. Nilmani Debbarma (Executive Secretary, SNBA)
    4. Rev. Mangal Debbarma (Secretary, Dakdu Pastoral Circle)
    5. Rev. Ranjit Debbarma
    6. Rev. Biswa Debbarma (Secretary, Abhicharan Pastoral Circle)
    7. Rev. Charanjoy Rupini (Secretary, Champaknagar Pastoral Circle)
    8. Rev. Chandramoni Debbarma (Secretary, Barkathal Pastoral Circle)
    9. Rev. Kishore Debbarma (Secretary, SNBA)
    10. Rev. Manmohan Debbarma (Secretary, SNBSB & Secretary, Khumulwng Pastoral Circle)
    11. Rev. Barendra Debbarma (Secretary, Mandwi Pastoral Circle)
    12. Rev. Samendra Debbarma (Secretary, Hezamara Pastoral Circle)

    Ordained Evangelists of SNBA

    1. Ord. Evan. V. Pawha (ECM Missionary)
    2. Ord. Evan. Lalnunsiama (BCM Missionary)
    3. Ord. Evan. Lalchungnunga (JSBA Missionary)

    Evangelists of SNBA There are evangelists in SNBA.

    1. Evan. Shikha Debbarma
    2. Evan. Ajit Debbarma
    3. Evan. Sitaram Rupini
    4. Evan. Sushanta Debbarma
    5. Evan. Pradip Debbarma
    6. Mr. Mantu Debbarma (Office Assistant)
    7. Evan Kishore Debbarma
    8. Evan Bijoy Debbarma
    9. Evan Ratan Debbarma
    10. Evan Evan Sukuram Debbarma
    11. Evan Nripendra Debbarma (on Training)
    12. Evan Partha Sarathi Debbarma (on Training)
    13. Evan Sandhyaram Debbarma (on Training)
    14. Evan Rajkumar Debbarma (on Training)
    15. Evan Mithun Rupini (on training)
    16. Evan Biswajit Debbarma (on training)
    17. Evan Nitya Debbarma
    18. Evan Brajendra Debbarma (on Training)
    19. Evan Manoranjan Debbarma
    20. Evan Kishore (Yarwng) Debbarma
    21. Evan Arun Debbarma
    22. Evan Ajendra Debbarma (on Training)
    23. Evan Rwngthoma Debbarma
    24. Evan Joseph Debbarma
    25. Evan Manik Debbarma (on training)
    26. Evan Somchati Debbarma
    27. Evan Sunil Debbarma
    28. Evan Malendra Debbarma
    29. Evan Debojit Debbarma
    30. Evan Sachin Debbarma
    31. Evan Puskumar Debbarma
    32. Evan Amit Debbarma
    33. Evan Bijoy (kothoma) debbarma
    34. E/T John Rupini
    35. E/T Siari Debbarma
    36. E/T Mrs. Elemi Debbarma
    37. E/T Subasish Debbarma
    38. Mr. Rabindra Debbarma (Driver)

    Office Staff of SNBA

    1. Montu Debbarma

    Central Baptist Association (CBA)

    Pastors of CBA The pastors of the CBA are:

    1. Rev. Jong Bahadur Debbarma (Retd)
    2. Rev. Asit Debbarma (Retd)
    3. Rev. Swapan Debbarma
    4. Rev. Surajit Debbarma
    5. Rev. Mohan Koloi
    6. Rev. Anil Debbarma

    Ordained Evangelists of CBA

    1. Ord. Evan. Ajit Debbarma
    2. Ord. Evan. Swadesh Debbarma
    3. Ord. Evan. Abhiram Debbarma
    4. Ord. Evan. Tripureswer Debbarma
    5. Ord. Evan. Kishore Debbarma
    6. Ord. Evan. Sambhuram Debbarma

    Evangelists of CBA

    1. Evan. Ranjit Debbarma
    2. Evan. Sushil Debbarma
    3. Evan. Dilip Debbarma
    4. Evan. Aprajit Debbarma
    5. Evan. Premananda Debbarma
    6. Evan. Laxman Debbarma
    7. Evan. Ranjan Debbarma
    8. Evan. Satyaram Debbarma
    9. Evan. Madhab Debbarma
    10. Evan. R.C. Bohia
    11. Evan. N. Nongia
    12. Evan. L. Khaile
    13. Evan. Bupen Debbarma
    14. Evan. Krishna Debbarma
    15. Evan. Bitta Debbarma
    16. Evan. Uttam Debbarma
    17. Evan. Saitya Debbarma

    Kok Baptist Association (KOKBA)

    Pastors of KOKBA The pastors of the KOKBA are:

    1. Rev. Jyotirmoy Debbarma
    2. Rev. Sunil Debbarma
    3. Rev. Malendra Debbarma
    1. Rev. Surnapada Jamatia
    2. Rev. Dharmendra Debbarma
    3. Rev. Samaresh Debbarma

    Ordained Evangelists of KOKBA

    1. Dhiman Debbarma

    Ordained Evangelists of KOKBA

    1. Evan. Mangthar Debbarma
    2. Evan. Ahlem Debbarma
    3. Evan. Philip Rupini
    4. Evan. Kishore Debbarma
    5. Evan. Manoj Kumar Debbarma
    6. Evan. Sanjoy Debbarma
    7. Evan. Ranju Debbarma
    8. Evan. Utpal Debbarma
    9. Evan. Biresh Debbarma
    10. Evan. Mansujit Debbarma
    11. Evan pradesh Debbarma

    Udaipur Baptist Association (UBA)

    The pastors of the UBA are:

    1. Rev. Pratyuksha Jamatia
    2. Rev. Debguru Jamatia
    3. Rev. Subraihamjak Jamatia

    Ordained Evangelists of UBA

    1. Ord. Evan. Imangrai Jamatia
    2. Ord. Evan. Chandra Bahadur Jamatia
    3. Ord. Evan. Brajeswar Jamatia

    Evangelists of UBA

    1. Evan. Abraham Jamatia
    2. Evan. Uttam Kr. Jamatia
    3. Evan. Phaijak Jamatia
    4. Evan. Jiban Barma Jamatia
    5. Evan. Swlaijak Jamatia
    6. Evan. Nabin Chandra Jamatia
    7. Evan. Swapan Jamatia

    Bishramganj Baptist Pastoral Circle

  • Rangchak
  • Controversial links with militant outfit

    The regional government has accused it of lending support to separatist NLFT terrorists.

    The Government of Tripura uncovered evidence asserting that the Baptist Church in Tripura has been helping Tripuri militants, such as the NLFT in the state. The NLFT militants, who are involved in armed struggle for the independence of Tripura, and the creation of a "Christian state", have been forcing local tribals to convert to Christianity at gunpoint and threatening to murder participants in Hindu festivals. It is believed that as many as 5,000 tribal villagers were converted in this fashion over two years. These forcible conversions to Christianity, sometimes including the use of "rape as a means of intimidation," have also been noted by academics outside of India.

    The Government has accused the Baptist Church of Tripura of supporting this violent campaign of NLFT by providing funding and arms for the group. In April 2000, Nagmanlal Halam, Secretary of the Noapara Baptist Church in Tripura, was caught with a large quantity of explosives which were meant for the group. Halam later confessed to buying and supplying explosives to the NLFT for the past two years. Another church official, Jatna Koloi, was arrested in south Tripura in April 2000. According to the State Police, Mr Koloi had received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base in 1999.


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