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Too Phat

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Genres  Rap, hip-hop
Members  Malique, Joe Flizzow
Genre  Hip hop music

Years active  1998–present (on hiatus; solo career)
Associated acts  KLG Sqwad, DJ Iman, Pop Shuvit, Kyla, DJ T-Bone, Stylustiks, Phlowtron, Emcee David, Warren G, Sharifah Aini, Siti Nurhaliza Innuendo, Ruffedge, V.E., Reefa, Teh Tarik Crew, Kyla, Camelia, Machi, Joey Boy, Inul Daratista
Website  Too Phat's Official Website
Past members  Malique Ibrahim (Malique)Johan Ishak (Joe Flizzow)
Origin  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1998)
Albums  Plan B: Platinum Edition, Whutthadilly?, 360°, Too Phat Too Furious, Rebirth Into Reality
Record labels  Kartel Records, Positive Tone, EMI

Similar  Mizz Nina, Siti Nurhaliza, Camelia


Too phat i like you now lyric

Too Phat is a Malaysian Hip-Hop duo, consisting of Joe Flizzow (born Johan Ishak in Johor Bahru, 16 November 1975, a.k.a. The President) and Malique Ibrahim (born in Johor Bahru, 21 August 1977, a.k.a. The General).


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Too Phat Too Phat will come back 39some day39 AsiaOne Showbiz News

In the late 1990s Joe Flizzow,Malique Ibrahim and Kevin Felix@Doctah'K at that time formed a musical trio who later became a duo under the Positive Tone label. Their first big break came in 1999 when their first singles, Li'l Fingaz and Too Phat Baby entered normal rotation on local radio.

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On the back of the success of these first singles, work soon began on an album entitled whuttadilly?. So far, Plan B has sold over 45,000 copies, earning double platinum status in Malaysia. Cashing in on the duo's fame, recording label Positive Tone, a subsidiary of EMI International, produced a re-issue of Plan B entitled Plan B Platinum Edition, including two new songs, "Clap to This" and "Last Song". Song lyrics were also included in the Platinum Edition and all albums and singles thereafter. With Phase Too Alongside, D' Navigator & Tripdisz Engineered The Album With The Help The Phat Family Crew & Dj T-Bone

Too Phat If I Die Tonight Feat Liyana Lil Boogie If I Die Tonight Too Phat

The music video for a track from Plan B, "Just a Friend", was produced in collaboration with Maxis Hotlink and debuted on Malaysian television channel NTV7. The video features cameo appearances from local artistes M. Nasir, Fauziah Latiff and Ferhad, and Malaysian track and field athlete Watson Nyambek. Most of the scenes were shot locally, in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The group controversially used their video to confront issues regarding homosexuality, addressing a topic which is usually avoided in conservative Malaysia. "Just a Friend" became the first music video produced by a local music act to be shown on national television. Too Phat have also collaborated with American hip hop artist Warren G.


In 2005, they produced their latest album Rebirth Into Reality featuring various hip-hop artists from East Asia. The album's first single Dua Dunia features award-winning Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza.

Solo Career

the respective Phat boys started to venture in their solo career after their last public performance for Kanye West in 2007. Malique with his solo album OK (2008), K.O The Mixtape ( a collaboration with DJ Fuzz -2009) and TKO: Pejamkan Mata under his own label named Qarma Musiq. Malique will release a new English album in 2017.

Joe Flizzow releases his first solo album President on 31 December 2008 under Warner Music Malaysia as the distributor and Havoc on 7 November 2013.

Aku Tanya Apa Khabar

During 2015 Anugerah Juara Lagu Award(AJL) the song Apa Khabar by Joe Flizzow (feat. SonaOne) had win top prize on that night. The song lyric talked about Joe reminiscing the memory that he had with Malique and he saying hello to him. Despite receiving mix criticism by the masses. one one side were booing due to the fact that the hip hop/R&B song winning the top prize which is not a very popular genres among Malaysian themselves while on that night while the other side is the long time fan of Too Phat that praise Joe for making them reminiscing to their nostalgic memories.

Recent developments

As of 2016 Joe Flizzow project mostly involved with Kartel Records, a record label that he had founded in 2005. Numerous local and R&B artist had signed under his label with notable name like Altimet and SonaOne.

As for Malique, he has become more private after the days with Too Phat. Despite releasing numerous top hit collaboration track with other local artist such as Mantera Beradu (feat. M Nasir -2008), Senyum (feat. Najwa -2010) Aku Maafkan Kamu ( feat. Jamal Abdilah -2011), Teman Pengganti (feat. Black -2012) Malique seems to not appear in public or do any show. In an interview in 2011, Malique was quoted that being able to sell his product without having public appearance make him feel more comfortable and he does not intend to change that.

As of December 2016 it is announced that his new solo album may be out with the title TKO in 2016 under his own label Qarma Music. Malique intends to release an English album in 2017.


  • Whuttadilly
  • Plan B
  • Phat Family
  • 360°
  • Too Phat: The Classics
  • Rebirth Into Reality
  • Too Phat Too Furious
  • Too Phat : The Greatest Hits
  • The Best of Too Phat
  • Solo albums

  • The President, 2008 (Joe Flizzow solo album)
  • Ok, 2008 (Malique Ibrahim solo album)
  • Malique & Dj Fuzz: K.O The Mixtape, 2009 (Malique Ibrahim solo album)
  • HAVOC, 2013 (Joe Flizzow solo album)
  • Malique TKO: Pejamkan Mata, 2016 (Malique Ibrahim solo album)
  • Singles

    1. Li'l Fingaz
    2. Too Phat Baby
    3. Jezzebelle
    4. Anak Ayam
    5. Tell Shorty (feat. Ruffedge & V.E.)
    6. Just A Friend (feat. V.E.)
    7. You (feat. Sharifah Aini)
    8. Ala Canggung (feat. Lil' Marissa)
    9. Where My Love At
    10. Just A Li'l Bit (feat. Warren G)
    11. Alhamdulilah (feat. Yasin, Ahli Fiqir & Dian Sastrowardoyo)
    12. Dua Dunia (feat. Siti Nurhaliza)
    13. Snap
    14. KL
    15. Showtime
    16. How Me Seksi (feat. Inul Daratista)
    17. To The World Cup - 2006
    18. Feels So Good (Emcee David ft. Joe Flizzow) - 2006
    19. Jari Jemari (Camillia ft. Joe Flizzow) - 2007
    20. Get It Done (Air Force Ones featuring Yg Ariff) - 2007
    21. 1000 Verses (ALI ft. Joe Flizzow)
    22. One Night Lover (Rossa ft. Joe Flizzow) - 2012

    Awards and achievements

  • 2002 Best Engineered Album
  • Best Local English Album - Plan B
  • 2003 Anugerah Kembara Prestigious Award
  • 2004 Best Group In A Vocal Performance in an album - 360°
  • Best Local English Album
  • 2006 Best Local English Album - Rebirth Into Reality
  • Best Album Cover -Rebirth Into Reality
  • ERA Radio Awards Anugerah ERA
  • 2001 Choice Local English Artiste
  • 2002 Choice Local English Artiste
  • 2003 Choice Local English Artiste
  • 2004 Choice Local English Artiste
  • Nominee MTV Asia Awards 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005
  • HP Inter-Action (five countries, five club realtime podcast concert) 2006 – Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong.
  • Owner of State of Mine Caps (KL caps)
  • Kanye West -Touch The Sky Tour, Malaysia, 2006 (Opening act)
  • Recharge Revelation - Global Gathering, A Famosa, 2007
  • Quiksilver 2.0 Revolution Tour, Kuala Lumpur & Bali, 2007
  • Bacardi Mix and Match Tour, China, 2008
  • Sunburst KL, 2008
  • Songs

    Alhamdulilah360° · 2003
    Anak AyamPlan B: Platinum Edition · 2001
    Just a FriendPlan B: Platinum Edition · 2001


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