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Tomie: Unlimited

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Director  Noboru Iguchi
Story by  Junji Ito
Country  Japan
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Running time  1h 25m
Film series  Tomie
Language  Japanese
Tomie: Unlimited movie poster

Release date  May 14, 2011 (2011-05-14)
Writer  Junji Ito (manga), Jun Tsugita (screenplay), Noboru Iguchi (screenplay)
Cast  Miu Nakamura (Tomie), Aika Oota (Kae), Kensuke Owada (Toshio), Maiko Kawakami, Moe Arai (Tsukiko)
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Tagline  Exist everywhere. Extend everywhere.

Tomie unlimited trailer

Tomie Unlimited (富江 アンリミテッド, Tomie anrimiteddo) is a 2011 Japanese horror film directed by Noboru Iguchi and the eighth installment of the Tomie film series.


Tomie: Unlimited movie scenes


Tomie: Unlimited movie scenes

Tsukiko is a member of the photography club in high school. On her way home with friend Yoshie, Tsukiko runs into older sister Tomie (Miu Nakamura), who goes to the same high school. Tomie is also with Toshio - a guy Tsukiko has a secret crush on. Tsukiko is consumed with jealousy, but at the same time is intoxicated with Tomie's beauty. Tsukiko keeps pressing the trigger on her camera. When Tsukiko stops taking pictures, Tomie is impaled by a steel cross that falls from a building under construction. One year later, Tsukiko still suffers nightmares over her sister's death. Slowly, her daily life returns to some sense of normalcy. On Tomie's 18th birthday, her parents and Tsukiko stand around a birthday cake in her honor. At that time, Tomie arrives, more beautiful than ever. Her parents are delighted to see Tomie alive but Tsukiko is unable to believe it.

Tomie: Unlimited movie scenes

Tomie manages to get her father to whip Tsukiko across the back with a steam iron cable as punishment. Tomie's behavior starts becoming increasingly bizarre as she shows Tsukiko the scar on her neck that begins to evolve into a talking tumor. When Tomie decides to leave, her father stabs and kills her. The next morning, Tsukiko witnesses her mother Kimiko and father Masashishi dismembering Tomie's body. Kimiko then disposes of Tomie's head and goes to prepare Tsukiko's school lunch, accidentally dropping chunks of Tomie's flesh and hair in it. At school, Tsukiko notices a girl who looks exactly like her dead sister. During lunch break, Tsukiko opens her lunch pack and sees several miniature Tomie heads in it. When her friend Yoshie goes to look for Tsukiko, she hears noises in the trash. The miniature Tomie heads appear and suffocate Yoshie with their abnormally long tongues, killing her.

Tomie: Unlimited movie scenes

At home, Tomie's head rises from the trash bin and convinces her father to kill his wife and feed her to Tomie. Back at school, Tsukiko encounters Yoshie with a tumor on her neck and runs off in panic. When Yoshie enters the Judo club's room, she is decapitated by the members who mistook her head for the tumor's. Her headless body comes back to life and starts chasing the Judo club members. Tsukiko then walks into Toshio stabbing Tomie's body, and a new Tomie forms out of the blood and begins kissing Toshio. Tsukiko kills Toshio and runs into a locker room and encounters several versions of Tomie.

Just as she is about to be cornered by the Tomies, she wakes up in her bed. Her parents inform her that she is an only child and that she never had a sister. Tsukiko sighs in relief, believing she just had a bad nightmare. This proves to be false when her father starts eating hair and her mother's head appears to be upside down. Her mother chases her with a knife but is attacked by a carnivorous centipede made out of Tomie's heads. Tsukiko encounters Toshio and Yoshie, who tell her that they never liked her. She pushes them down the stairs and they are both attacked by the centipedes. Tsukiko then encounters a giant Tomie head in her living room and the Tomie centipedes begin crawling over her. Finally, Tsukiko is shown walking out of the house, resembling Tomie. As she walks through the streets of Japan, she observes other women she passes by, some of them also being Tomie. She walks up to a man and is then shown being murdered by him in an apartment. Lying on the floor, she looks at a mirror and sees a reflection of Tomie, who asks her "Are you happy now, Tsukiko?"


Unlimited had its international premiere at the Fantasia Festival on July 31, 2011.


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