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Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

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Director  Shun Nakahara
Film series  Tomie
Language  Japanese
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Story by  Junji Ito
Country  Japan
Tomie: Forbidden Fruit movie poster
Release date  June 29, 2002 (2002-06-29)
Based on  Tomie  by Junji Ito
Writer  Yoshinobu Fujioka (screenplay), Junji Ito (comic)
Cast  Nozomi Ando (Tomie Kawakami), Aoi Miyazaki (Tomie Hashimoto), Jun Kunimura (Kazuhiko Hashimoto), Yuka Fujimoto (Kyoko), Ayaka Ninomiya (Megumi), Chiaki Ohta (Tomoko)
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Tomie: Forbidden Fruit (富江 ・最終章~禁断の果実~) is a 2002 Japanese horror film directed by Shun Nakahara. It is the fourth installment of the Tomie film series, based on an eponymous manga by Junji Ito.


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Tomie: Forbidden Fruit Toronto JFilm PowWow REVIEW Tomie The Final Chapter Forbidden

Tomie Hashimoto is a dreamy teen who writes homo-erotic horror fiction in which she imagines herself as Ann Bathory, a vampire. Introspective and lonely, she is picked on and bullied by her classmates at school, and lives alone with her loving, yet distant widower father, Kazuhiko Hashimoto. One day, while admiring an ornate jewel encrusted cross necklace in an antiquities shop, Tomie meets a strange, beautiful girl with a mole under her left eye. The mysterious stranger says her name is Tomie Kawakami. The girls become best friends (with heavy lesbian undertones) and Tomie H. dedicates the character of Mary from her fanfiction to her new friend, but it soon becomes clear that the two girls meeting each other was not purely accidental. Tomie Kawakami has an agenda, and it involves Tomie's father.

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It is revealed Kazuhiko was involved in a relationship with Tomie many years ago which resulted in her being murdered. However, Kazuhiko was still obsessed with Tomie and even named his own daughter after her. Tomie is back to terrorize his family and tries to convince Kazuhiko to murder his daughter. Kazuhiko ends up murdering and decapitating the other Tomie, and throws her head into a nearby river. His daughter, Tomie Hashimoto discovers the talking head and nurses Kawakami. back to health as she regenerates. She spends a lot of time cooking and taking care of her but after a brief argument between the two, Tomie Hashimoto ends up throwing the regenerating Tomie body off a building.

Tomie: Forbidden Fruit Tomie Forbidden Fruits part 2 YouTube

Soon afterwards, Tomie Kawakami shows up at her front porch and Tomie H. shoots her with an arrow, killing her. She and her father freeze Tomie into a block of ice to prevent her from regenerating and coming back to life, but after hearing the frozen Tomie's pleas and cries Kazuhiko breaks the block of ice and sets Tomie free. Tomie Kawakami then attacks his daughter but gets hit in the head by her, which results in Kazuhiko locking his daughter into a freezer room. Tomie laughs as she and Kazuhiko walk away, holding hands. The next morning, Tomie Hashimoto is discovered by a worker from the ice sculpture company who saves her life.

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Tomie Hashimoto is now shown living alone, with her father missing, albeit thankful because she believes he tried to save her from the other Tomie, which is the reason he teamed up with her and abandoned his daughter. Tomie goes to her room and continues writing her fanfiction. She writes: "Ann and Mary are friends again, there'll be no issues this time. Ann will raise her to be a real friend, a friend whom she can depend on". Tomie then opens her desk drawer and looks at a dismembered, regenerating ear.


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  • Nozomi Andō - Tomie
  • Aoi Miyazaki
  • Jun Kunimura

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