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Tom Doshi

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Tom Doshi born in Shkodër on June 6, 1966, is an Albanian businessman and politician, member of the Socialist Party of Albania in the last three legislatures (2005, 2009, 2013).


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A scion of a famous family from Kelmendi, Doshi spent his childhood in the village of Trush, near Shkodër. He graduated in Law from the State University of Tetovo. For some time Doshi lived in Australia where his two children were born.

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After returning to Albania, Doshi conducted a series of manoeuvres in the business field acquiring various businesses, such as a milk processing plant and the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country.


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Doshi entered politics with the Socialist Party of Albania under the leadership of Fatos Nano in the legislature that began in 2005, and continued to stay in the Socialist Party even after the arrival of the new leader Edi Rama. During his years as a deputy, from 2005 to 2007, Doshi has served as a member of the Committee of Labour, Social Affairs and Health.

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On March 2, 2015 Tom Doshi was expelled from the Socialist Party's parliamentary group. The expulsion came after Doshi had filed harsh criticisms against Prime Minister Edi Rama, Defence Minister Saimir Tahiri and the Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta. Doshi commented: "Today Rama has a tutor called Ilir Meta, who has paid lek [money] and ordered to kill me and Mhill Fufi."

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Days later, Doshi released the video of a private conversation between him and Durim Bani, the assassin paid to eliminate Doshi. In the video Bani states that "there are over 200,000 euros for the head of Doshi" and that "the killers will have the support of the government and Meta, Ilir Meta."

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