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Prime Minister of Albania

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29 November 1912

Inaugural holder
Ismail Qemali

Official Page

Prime Minister of Albania

Bujar Nishani, as President of Albania

Prime Ministers of Albania (Albanian: Kryeministri, Kryetari i Këshillit të Ministrave) is the head of government of the Republic of Albania.

The Prime Minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. Executive power rests with the Council of Ministers (cabinet). The Chairman of the Council (Prime Minister) is appointed by the President; ministers are nominated by the President on the basis of the Prime Minister's recommendation. The People's Assembly must give final approval of the composition of the Council. The Council is responsible for carrying out both foreign and domestic policies. It directs and controls the activities of the ministries and other state organs. The first Prime Minister of Albania was Ismail Qemali. The current Prime Minister is Edi Rama, since 15 September 2013.

Powers and Duties

The Constitution of Albania states that the Prime Minister:

...represents the Council of Ministers and chairs its meetings, outlines and presents the principal general policies of the state and is responsible for them, assures the implementation of legislation and policies approved by the Council of Ministers, coordinates and supervises the work of the members of the Council of Ministers and other institutions of the central state administration, performs other duties contemplated in the Constitution and laws, resolves disagreements among ministers, and issues orders in the exercise of his powers. The Prime Minister can also initiate a proceeding of the Constitutional Court of Albania.


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