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Thotta Chinungi

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K. S. Adhiyaman


Thotta Chinungi movie scenes Devayani Thotta Chinungi

Release date
15 December 1995

Devayani thotta chinungi

Thotta Chinungi is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language film starring Karthik, Raghuvaran, Revathi, Devayani and Nagendra Prasad. The movie was remade in Hindi as Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (2002) starring Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai.


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Thotta Chinungi movie scenes Devayani Gopika

Gopal (Raghuvaran) is in love with Bhuvana (Revathi) ever since they were kids. As adults, they get married.

Thotta Chinungi movie scenes Devayani Thotta Chinungi Devayani hot

There are two things Gopal disapproves of, after their marriage: Bhuvana's unemployed younger brother Prasad (Nagendra Prasad) who lives with them, and Mano (Karthik), Bhuvana's childhood friend.

Mano is quite handsome and a very famous singer and Bhuvana who is very fond of him, talks to him quite often on the phone. The hardworking Gopal, who loves his wife dearly, wants complete attention from her, when he feels Bhuvana gives undue attention to her friend Mano, he grows gradually very suspicious and believes that Bhuvana and Mano are secretly seeing each other, resulting in throwing Bhuvana out of the house after his jealousy completely overwhelms him.

Bhuvana who equally loves her husband and never fully understood the turmoil he was going through, receives a note of divorce from him and is devastated. Prasad and Mano try to talk to Gopal, but Bhuvana forbids it. Finally, Mano arranges a meeting with Gopal, but the situation fails.

Mano is taken aback upon finding that his platonic relationship with his best friend Bhuvana has caused Gopal with such misconstruings, They argue and Gopal finally leaves. Mano talks to Bhuvana, she thinks it is entirely her fault: If she had understood that Gopal disapproved of her close relationship to Mano, she would have never seen Mano again.

Mano leaves her and promises to never see her again. He talks to his blind girlfriend Amlu (Rohini) about what happened and Amlu finally talks reason into Gopal. Gopal arrives the moment Bhuvana is giving birth, Gopal therefore realises his misapprehensions and the purity of Bhuvana's heart, they make up: Gopal apologizes to him and his and Bhuvana's relationship is saved.


  • Karthik as Mano
  • Raghuvaran as Gopal
  • Revathi as Bhuvana
  • Nagendra Prasad as Prasad
  • Devayani as Ramya
  • Rohini as Amlu
  • Senthil as Pinky
  • Praveen Gajendran as small age Gopal
  • Vichitra as Monica
  • Soundtrack

    Soundtrack was composed by debutants Philip Jerry.

  • "Nammoda Thalaivar"
  • "Maname Thottachinungi"
  • "Pepsi Cola"
  • "Ramya"
  • "Ilamthendral Pesum"
  • Remake

    Adhiyaman chose to direct his first Hindi film and began remaking Thotta Chinungi in Hindi as Aap Mere Hai Sanam in early 1998. Notably, the film featured an ensemble cast of several leading actors including Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai while several music composers also worked on the film. The film languished in development hell and was eventually released in 2002 as Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam earning positive reviews and the "4th highest-grossing film of the year", with a critic noting Adhiyaman's "simplistic direction and creativity holds film right."

    Tamil hot songs 43 devayani hot thotta chinungi


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