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Thorne (surname)

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Thorne is a surname of English origin, originally referring to a thorn bush. Thorne is the 1,721st most common surname name in the United States.[1] Thorne family's origins date back to the period prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066, to the county of Somerset. Thorne is an English name, now found mostly in the area of Dorset and Devon, bordering counties located on the southwestern coast of England. The knighthood was bestowed on William Thorne by King Richard the Lion Hearted for heroism during the 3rd crusade approximately 1199. The Thorne motto "Vincere Vel Mori" literally translates "Conquer or Die". [2]


Thorne may refer to:

Real people

  • Adande Thorne, YouTube celebrity
  • Angela Thorne (born 1939), English actor
  • Alfredo Thorne (born 1955), Peruvian Economist, and Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru
  • Bella Thorne (born 1997), American actress, singer, and model
  • Callie Thorne (born 1969), American actress
  • Carlos Thorne (born 1924), Peruvian novelist, writer and lawyer
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith (born 1967), American actress
  • Dyanne Thorne (born 1943), American actress, model, and showgirl
  • Frank Thorne (born 1930), American comic book artist-writer
  • Gary Thorne (born 1948), American sportscaster
  • Geoffrey Thorne (born 1970), American screenwriter, novelist and actor
  • George Thorne (disambiguation), several people
  • Isabel Thorne (1834 - 1910), British campaigner for medical education for women
  • Jaime Thorne Leon (born 1943), Peruvian lawyer and former Minster of Defence of Peru
  • John Thorne (disambiguation), several people
  • Jon Thorne, English double bassist and composer
  • Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (born 1943), Roman Catholic Cardinal Priest and Archbishop of Lima
  • Julia Thorne (1944–2006), American writer and first wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Kip Thorne (born 1940), American theoretical physicist
  • Leslie Thorne (1916–1993), British racing driver
  • Lizette Thorne (1882–1970), English-born silent film actress
  • Mary Evans Thorne (c. 1740/1-after 1813), American Methodist leader
  • Matt Thorne (born 1974), English novelist
  • Michelle Thorne (born 1975), British actress, director, and model
  • Neil Thorne (born 1932), British Conservative Party politician
  • Norman Thorne (1902-1925), convicted of the 'Chicken run murder'
  • Peter Thorne (Australian footballer) (born 1960), Australian rules footballer
  • Peter Thorne (reporter), American television anchor and reporter
  • Peter Thorne (soccer) (born 1973), English professional footballer
  • Reuben Thorne (born 1975), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Robert Folger Thorne (born 1920), American botanist
  • Rhonda Thorne (born 1958), Australian squash player
  • Ryan Thorne (born 1971), Canadian women's basketball coach
  • Stan Thorne (1918–2007), British Labour Party politician
  • Shane Thorne, a ring name of Australian professional wrestler Shane Veryzer (born 1985)
  • Stephen Thorne (born 1946), British actor
  • Will Thorne (1857–1946), British trade unionist and Labour Party Member of Parliament
  • Willie Thorne (born 1954), English snooker player and sports commentator
  • Worley Thorne, American screenwriter, television writer, and college instructor
  • Fictional characters

  • Emily Thorne, character in the television series Revenge
  • Freddie Thorne, character in the television series Peaky Blinders
  • Rupert Thorne, crime boss and enemy of Batman in DC Comics publications
  • Carswell Thorne, main character in the Lunar Chronicles book series by Marissa Meyers.
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