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Country  India
Director  Brinda Sarathy
Language  Tamil
Thithikudhe movie poster
Release date  1 August 2003

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Thithikudhe is Indian Tamil language romantic film directed by Brinda Sarathy. It starred Jiiva and Sridevi Vijayakumar in lead roles. Vivek and Shrutika in supporting roles. The film's score and music was composed by Vidyasagar. It was released on 1 August 2003. This movie was the remake of 2001 Telugu movie Manasantha Nuvve.


Thithikudhe movie scenes Mainaave Mainaave Video Song Thithikudhe Tamil Movie Jiiva Sridevi Vidyasagar

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Chinnu and Anu are childhood friends who live in a village. Anu’s father (Devan) gets transferred and relocates to another place with his family which makes Anu lose contact with Chinnu. Before Anu leaves the village, she gifts a musical watch to Chinnu as a token of remembrance. Chinnu’s father passes away sudedenly and he is left alone. Chinnu is adopted by Nasser’s family and name himas Venu.

Venu (Jiiva) is very attached to his adapted parents and looks after Nasser’s music store business. Venu is in love with his childhood friend Anu despite losing her contact with the hope of meeting her someday. Meanwhile Anu’s another name is Renu (Sridevi) and she too is in love with Chinnu with the same hope. Venu still preserves the musical watch gifted by Anu. Renu writes a story about her life in a weekly magazine with the hope that Chinnu might read it and come to her.

Sruthi (Sruthika), daughter of the magazine editor Madan Bob, is the friend of Venu and she falls in love with Venu. One day Venu's sister engagement was cancelled.So, Venu and his father Chandramohan (Nasser) are heavily drunk. Sruthi sees them and drops them at home. As Venu is out of mind now, he gifts the musical watch to Sruthi thanking her.

Sruthi comes to visit Venu in his music shop. At that time, Renu also comes to the store and gets surprised seeing the watch with Sruthi. Renu feels happy that her hope of finding Chinnu is going to come true. Sruthi says that the watch was gifted by her lover Venu which shocks Renu. Now Renu comes to know that Chinnu is none other than Venu, but feels bad that he has forgotten her and decided to marry Sruthi.

Venu realizes that he has missed the watch as he does not remember giving it to Sruthi. When he comes to know about this, he meets Sruthi and apologizes asking her to return the watch as it is preserved by him as a memory of his child hood friend Anu. Sruthi is worried knowing that Venu is in love with Anu.

During their next meet, Sruthi informs this to Renu and Renu is excited now knowing that Venu is also sharing the same feeling as her. But Renu does not disclose that she is none other than his childhood friend Anu. Instead tries to befriend Venu and love him slowly.

Venu’s sister is a very big fan of Renu’s story that comes in the magazine. Venu gets introduced to Renu with the help of Shruthi as a writer. Knowing this, Venu requests Renu to visit his home and meet his sister, so that she will feel excited. Renu agrees and comes to Venu’s home. There she meets Venu’s adapted parents and she gets close with everyone in the family.

Meanwhile, Renu’s wedding is fixed with a minister’s son by her father. Renu informs about her love to her father for which he pretends accepting. But he has other plans of stopping it. Venu’s sister’s wedding who is Nasser’s biological daughter’s wedding is also fixed during that time. One day, Venu reads the story that publishes in the magazine and understands that it is Renu is his childhood friend Anu. As Anu is away for a function, he waits for her return to propose his love towards her.

But Renu’s father meets Venu before that and asks him to go away from Renu else he will cause trouble during venu’s sister’s weedding. Venu fears that his sister’s life should not be spoiled because of him and decides to sacrifice his love. When Renu arrives back, Venu meets her and says that he is in love with another girl and there is no point in waiting for his childhood friend Anu. Renu is shocked to hear this.

But later Renu comes to know that her father is the reason behind and this rushes to meet Venu on the day of his sister’s wedding. A few goons sent by her father and the minister also follow Renu which results in a fight between Venu and the goons. Venu gets heavy injury on his stomach by a rowdy.During the clash and is admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. Renu takes the idol of their favourite lord “Hanuman” to the hospital and prays for Venu’s recovery. The musical watch fall from Venu's shirt.Venu hears the watch's music.Then,He wakes up and they both unite in the end.


  • Jiiva as Chinnu/Venu
  • Sridevi Vijayakumar as Anu/Renu
  • Shruthika as Sruthi
  • Vivek as "Punch" Bala
  • Devan
  • Nassar as Chandramohan
  • Fathima Babu as Venu's mother.
  • Madhan Bob as Ananda Vikatan, Sruthi's father
  • Hari Prashanth as young Chinnu
  • Production

    Trisha Krishnan was initially approached to feature in the film, but the role was later handed to Sridevi Vijayakumar.


    The Soundtrack was composed by Vidyasagar. "Mainave Mainave" was a reused version of composer's own Malayalam song "Kannadi Koodum" from Pranayavarnangal


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