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This Is Circumstantial Evidence

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Released  April 20, 2004
Initial release  20 April 2004
Label  Three One G
Initial DVD release  20 April 2004
Cast  The Blood Brothers, The Locust, Swing Kids, Moving Units, Cattle Decapitation

Love life this is circumstantial evidence dvd video footage

This Is Circumstantial Evidence is a music DVD created by Strictly Amateur Films and released by Three One G on April 20, 2004, featuring videos of live performances by several bands from the label. The bands included are: The Blood Brothers, The Locust, Cattle Decapitation, Swing Kids, Moving Units, Get Hustle, Jenny Piccolo, Orthrelm, and Love Life. The DVD also includes a studio track by each of the aforementioned bands that can be found on one of their ThreeOneG releases. Much of the footage on the DVD is of technically substandard quality. Though this may be perceived as negative by some, it adds to the underground feel of the DVD and is generally not thought to be intrusive.


The blood brothers this is circumstantial evidence dvd video footage

Track listing

Moving Units
  1. Melodrama
  2. Birds of Prey
  3. Between Us and Them
  4. X and Y
Jenny Piccolo
  1. Shutdown
  2. Donation to the Deaf
  3. Pain Culture
  4. God's Gym
  5. Freshly Grown Warheads
  6. Forgotten
  7. One Watt
Get Hustle
  1. Pharaoh's Horses
  2. Are You Ready?
  3. Silver Dollar
  4. Charles Bronson
  5. Pharaoh's Horses
Cattle Decapitation
  1. Bovine, Swine, and Human-Rinds
  2. Cloned for Carrion
  3. Veal and the Cult of Torture
  4. The Decapitation of Cattle
  5. Colon-Blo
  6. Diarrhea of the Mouth
Swing Kids
  1. Disease
  2. Line #1
  3. Warsaw
  4. Bluenote
  5. El Camino Car Crash
Love Life
  1. Blame the Devil
  2. Hex it Out
  3. Be Kind to Me
  1. Untitled
  2. Satrivoithal
The Locust
  1. Stucco Obelisks Labeled as Trees
  2. Get off the Cross, the Wood is Needed
  3. How to Become a Virgin
  4. Wet Nurse Syndrome, Hand me Down Display Case
  5. Flash
The Blood Brothers
  1. Birth Skin/ Death Leather
  2. Siamese Gun
  3. New York Slave
  4. Meet me at the Water Front After the Social
  5. Mr. Electric Ocean
  6. Kiss the Octopus


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