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They All Kissed the Bride

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Genre  Comedy, Romance
Cinematography  Joseph Walker
Language  English
5.8/10 IMDb

Director  Alexander Hall
Music director  Morris Stoloff
Country  United States
They All Kissed the Bride movie poster
Writer  Gina Kaus, Andrew P. Solt, P. J. Wolfson
Release date  June 11, 1942
Cast  Joan Crawford (Margaret J. 'M.J.' Drew), Melvyn Douglas (Michael 'Mike' Holmes), Roland Young (Marsh), Billie Burke (Mrs. Marsh), Allen Jenkins (Johnny Johnson)
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Tagline  There's Never Anything Wrong With A Woman That A Man's Lips Won't Cure!

They all kissed the bride

They All Kissed the Bride is a 1942 American screwball comedy film by Columbia Pictures starring Joan Crawford and Melvyn Douglas. The film was directed by Alexander Hall and produced by Edward Kaufman. The screenplay by P. J. Wolfson was based on a story by Gina Kaus and Andrew P. Solt.



The plot follows a trucking firm executive who falls in love.

They All Kissed the Bride Wikipedia

Crawford took over the title role after Carole Lombard died in a plane crash in early 1942. Crawford donated all of her pay for this film to the American Red Cross.

They All Kissed the Bride 1942 Toronto Film Society Toronto

Joan crawford meets allen jenkins 1942 they all kissed the bride


They All Kissed the Bride 1942 Toronto Film Society Toronto

Margaret Drew (Crawford) runs her trucking company single-mindedly, if not ruthlessly. The only thorn in her side is writer Michael Holmes (Douglas) who is writing a book on some of her tough ways. With no time for men, the effect an attractive stranger has on her at her sister's wedding is unnerving. When it turns out this is the hated writer, she starts seriously to lose her bearings.


They All Kissed the Bride

They All Kissed the Bride was originally slated to star Carole Lombard in a follow-up film to the successful To Be or Not to Be. However, she died in a 1942 plane crash after departing Las Vegas on her way back from a bond-selling tour in. Louis B. Mayer at MGM agreed to let Crawford place on loan to Columbia, where producer Edward Kaufman has to rework the script to fit Crawford's style of comedy. In fact, Mayer rarely lent out stars of Crawford's stature, not wanting other studios to profit from MGM's star-making machine. Crawford insisted that Melvyn Douglas (with whom she had appeared in the 1938 flop The Shining Hour) star opposite her.

They All Kissed the Bride 1942 Toronto Film Society Toronto
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They All Kissed the Bride Wikipedia
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