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The World in His Arms

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Director  Raoul Walsh
Music director  Frank Skinner
Country  United States
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, History
Producer  Aaron Rosenberg
Language  English
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Writer  Rex Beach, Borden Chase, Horace McCoy
Release date  October 9, 1952 (1952-10-09)
Cast  Gregory Peck (Captain Jonathan Clark), Ann Blyth (Countess Marina Selanova), Anthony Quinn (the "Portuguese"), John McIntire (Deacon Greathouse), Carl Esmond (Prince Semyon), Sig Ruman (General Ivan Vorashilov)
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The world in his arms love story

The World in His Arms is a 1952 seafaring adventure film made by Universal-International. It was directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Aaron Rosenberg from a screenplay by Borden Chase and Horace McCoy. It is based on the novel by Rex Beach. The music score was by Frank Skinner and the cinematography by Russell Metty.


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The film stars Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth and Anthony Quinn, with John McIntire, Carl Esmond, Andrea King, Eugenie Leontovich, Hans Conried, and Sig Ruman.

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In 1850 San Francisco, Russian Countess Marina Selanova (Blyth) flees from an arranged marriage to Prince Semyon (Esmond). She books passage with "Portugee" (Quinn) to Sitka, where her uncle Governor Ivan Vorashilov (Sig Ruman) can protect her.

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When Portugee's bitter rival, Captain Jonathan Clark, "the Boston-man" (Peck), frees his shanghaied crew, she sends a man to negotiate with him instead. However, Jonathan hates all Russians and turns down the offer. In desperation, Marina goes to the party he is throwing and, pretending to be the Countess's companion, gets him to change his mind. As he shows her the sights of the city in one whirlwind night, they fall in love. Jonathan proposes marriage and she gladly accepts.

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However, Prince Semyon finds Marina and takes her to Sitka. Believing Marina has tricked him, Jonathan races Portugee to Alaska, recklessly wagering his ship on who gets there first. Jonathan wins, but that doesn't stop Portugee from trying to steal his ship anyway. Unluckily, while both crews are brawling, a Russian gunboat appears and takes them all captive to Sitka.

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Once there, Prince Semyon forces Marina to agree to marry him in return for Jonathan's freedom. Jonathan and his men double back, rescue Marina, and sail away.


The World in His Arms Another Old Movie Blog The World In His Arms 1952

  • Gregory Peck as Captain Jonathan Clark
  • Ann Blyth as Countess Marina Selanova
  • Anthony Quinn as "Portugee"
  • John McIntire as Deacon Greathouse, Jonathan's second in command
  • Carl Esmond as Prince Semyon
  • Sig Ruman as General Ivan Vorashilov
  • Andrea King as Mamie
  • Eugenie Leontovich as Anna Selanova
  • Bill Radovitch as Ogeechuk, Jonathan's Eskimo crewman
  • Rhys Williams as Eben Cleggett
  • Bryan Forbes as William Cleggett
  • Hans Conried as Eustace, hotel clerk
  • Reception and home video

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    The film was the eighth most popular movie at the British box office in 1952.

    Versions of the film have been released as a VHS videotape and as a region 1 DVD.


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