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The Walking Dead (1995 film)

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Director  Preston A. Whit II
Screenplay  Preston A. Whit II
Language  English
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, War
The Walking Dead (1995 film) movie poster
Release date  February 24, 1995
Writer  Preston A. Whitmore II
Producers  Doug McHenry, George Jackson
Cast  Allen Payne (Cole Evans), Eddie Griffin (Pvt. Hoover Brache), Joe Morton (Sgt. Barkley), Vonte Sweet (Pfc. Joe Brooks), Roger Floyd (Cpl. Pippins), Ion Overman (Shirley Evans)
Similar movies  Forrest Gump, Rambo: First Blood Part II, First Blood, Full Metal Jacket, Independence Day, Taxi Driver
Tagline  Surviving the streets was just a rehearsal.

The walking dead 1995 style

The Walking Dead is a 1995 war film written and directed by Preston A. Whitmore II starring Allen Payne, Joe Morton and Eddie Griffin. The film depicts the lives of five Marines who are all assigned to rescue a group of POW during the Vietnam War in 1972. It opened to poor reviews and low box office receipts. Previews billed it as "the black experience in Vietnam".



The box-office gross was over $6,000,000.00.

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In 1972 North Vietnam, short-timer Marines are dispatched by helicopter to conduct their last mission: to evacuate the survivors from a POW camp abandoned by the Viet Cong. The landing zone - which they expect to be cold - is actually hot (under fire) and after a short fight, only four members of the rescue mission survive. SSgt. Barkley and Hoover have a brief fight after Hoover wants to radio for an evacuation and Barkley insists they finish the mission. During their fight a mortar lands nearby, knocking them both into a swamp. Barkley saves Branche from drowning. They are joined shortly by Brooks and Evans. The soldiers defer to the ranking Marine, Sgt. Barkley, who insists that they press on to a nearby cathedral. They reach the building and kill several NVA soldiers. At morning, they are planning their next move when they are ambushed by more NVA soldiers including tree snipers. After a firefight they manage to kill the soldiers with the help of Cpl. Pippins, who appears from the brush and also begins attacking them. After subduing Pippins they look for the rest of his platoon and discover them murdered and their radio missing. They decide to tie Pippins up and bring him along as they march toward the POW camp. The group then recollect about each of their individual reasons for joining the Marines. SSgt Barkley was a preacher at a church until he came home to his bedroom seeing his wife in bed having sex with another man, Barkley shoots and kills the man and catches the train out of town. Hoover works for a meat packing place until he got fired for stealing meat. Cole tries to buy a new house, but he is turned down by the real estate agent,because of his race. Brooks tells his girlfriend that he's joining the Marine Corps to be like his grandfather, Pippins was working for Ray until he is killed by gangsters and chased into the military enlistment line without getting caught. While Cole and Barkley go ahead to survey the area, Hoover and Brooks smoke cannabis and talk about Brooks' girlfriend, who just dumped him via the mail. During their break, Pippins escapes and takes Brooks' pistol. The four men regroup and head out without Pippins. When they reach the camp, they discover a deranged Pippins holding a Vietnamese woman hostage. After killing the woman in front of them, Pippis turns on them with a gun and is killed by Sgt. Barkley. After seeing the camp is empty, the men realize they are expendable decoys. They radio in and are informed that the Marines cleared the POW camp four hours earlier, and that they have 20 minutes to reach their pickup point before the entire area is bombed. As the men go to leave bombs begin dropping on them. They escape the bombardment and head through the jungle to the landing zone, but are ambushed by more NVA soldiers. Brooks is killed, and Cole and Barkley wounded. Hoover goes back and rescues Barkley and the three men are evacuated by helicopter. During an epilogue, we are told that Cole became a career Marine who retired after 20 years of service, Sgt. Barkley took a job counseling troubled teens in Georgia, and Hoover went back home, married his girlfriend and opened up his own business.


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  • Allen Payne as Cole Evans
  • Eddie Griffin as Pvt. Hoover Brache
  • Joe Morton as Sgt. Barkley
  • Vonte Sweet as PFC. Joe Brooks
  • Roger Floyd as Cpl. Pippins
  • Bernie Mac as Ray
  • Ion Overman as Shirley Evans
  • Kyley Jackman as Sandra Evans
  • Jean-Claude La Marre as Pvt. Earl Anderson (as Jean LaMarre)
  • Lena Sang as Barbra Jean
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson as Celeste
  • Dana Point as Edna
  • Doil Williams as Harold
  • Damon Jones as 2nd Lt. Duffy
  • Kevin Jackson as Deuce
  • Soundtrack

    The soundtrack album for the film was released on March 7, 1995 by Motown Records. It consists mostly of Motown hits from the 1960s and 1980s but also includes three newly recorded hip-hop songs exclusive to the soundtrack. The soundtrack failed to make it to the Billboard charts but Scarface's "Among the Walking Dead" was a minor hit on the R&B and rap charts.

    Track listing

    1. "How I Wish"- 4:49 (Queen Latifah)
    2. "Smiling Faces Sometimes"- 3:13 (The Undisputed Truth)
    3. "What's Going On"- 3:52 (Marvin Gaye)
    4. "Ooo Baby Baby"- 2:43 (The Miracles)
    5. "The Tracks of My Tears"- 3:01 (The Miracles)
    6. "Cloud Nine"- 3:36 (The Temptations)
    7. "Get Ready"- 2:47 (The Temptations)
    8. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"- 5:53 (Marvin Gaye)
    9. "War"- 3:26 (Edwin Starr)
    10. "Among the Walking Dead"- 3:39 (Scarface)
    11. "Conflict"- 4:33 (Whitehead Bros. ft. Queen Latifah and Big Rube)


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