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The Voorman Problem

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Director  Mark Gill
Country  United Kingdom
7.2/10 IMDb

Language  English
The Voorman Problem movie poster

Release date  April 25, 2013 (2013-04-25)
Based on  number9dream  by David Mitchell
Writer  David Mitchell (novel), Baldwin Li, Mark Gill

Making of the voorman problem best short nominee

The Voorman Problem is a 2013 British short film directed and scored by Mark Gill, who also co-wrote the screenplay and edited the film with producer Baldwin Li. It is adapted from "The Voorman Problem", a film within a story from the novel number9dream by David Mitchell, with Martin Freeman starring as a prison psychiatrist, and Tom Hollander as his patient.


The Voorman Problem movie scenes

The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2014 and was nominated for a BAFTA Award.

The Voorman Problem movie scenes

The voorman problem official trailer


Dr. Williams (played by Martin Freeman) is hired by Governor Bentley (Simon Griffiths) to work as a prison psychiatrist after "The War in the East" has produced a doctor shortage. Williams is informed about the Voorman problem; a prisoner named Voorman (Tom Hollander) is convinced that he is a god and has convinced the rest of the prisoners who spend all day chanting in worship. It is unclear what Voorman's crime is due to a computer malfunction.

Williams interviews a straitjacketed Voorman in a locked room in the prison. Voorman calmly explains that he is a god, and that he created the world exactly nine days ago. When the Doctor objects, Voorman suggests a test of his powers. He will eliminate Belgium as proof he is a god.

At home a frustrated Wiliams tells his wife about the case. He laughingly brings the claim that Voorman will eliminate Belgium. His wife is confused, having no idea what Belgium is. Williams attempts to show her Belgium in an atlas but finds it is gone and replaced with a body of water called "Walloon Lagoon."

Back at the prison, Williams is baffled by the lack of any evidence of Belgium, but refuses to believe in Voorman's divinity. Voorman expresses his exhaustion with being a god and suggests the two switch places. In a flash the two have switched places, Voorman dressed as the well dressed doctor, and Williams disheveled and in a straitjacket. Williams calls for the guards and Voorman starts to leave stating that it is no use. As he leaves, Voorman advises Williams to "keep an eye on North Korea."

Voorman leaves the room as the sounds of the prisoners chanting get louder.


  • Martin Freeman as Dr Williams
  • Tom Hollander as Voorman
  • Elisabeth Gray as Mrs. Williams
  • Simon Griffiths as Governor Bentley
  • Oscar nominated short films 2014 the voorman problem short film live action


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