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The Truth Seekers

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First episode date  28 April 2016
Network  Mediacorp Channel 8
Language  Chinese
Final episode date  30 May 2016
Number of episodes  23
Genres  Suspense, Science Fiction
The Truth Seekers httpsiytimgcomviCr22qHPt64hqdefaultjpg
Also known as  The Other Truth (真相) Cold Case Investigators (悬案侦探社)
Written by  Ng Kah Huay 黄佳华 Cheong Yan Ping 张彦平
Directed by  Sam Loh 罗胜 Lin Mingzhe 林明哲 Oh Liang Cai 胡凉财
Starring  Rebecca Lim Chen Hanwei Desmond Tan Yusuke Fukuchi
Opening theme  白光棱镜 by Lin Si Tong 林思彤
Ending theme  1) 嚼士 by Lin Si Tong 林思彤 and Yeo Min 杨敏 2)Killer Boy by Ferlyn Wong
Similar  If Only I Could, The Dream Job, Beyond Words, Against the Tide, Peace & Prosperity

The Truth Seekers (Chinese: 真探) is a Singaporean drama produced and telecast on Mediacorp Channel 8. The series stars Chen Hanwei, Rebecca Lim, Desmond Tan and Yusuke Fukuchi who play a team of cold-case investigators who go over unsolved mysteries to uncover the truth. It consists of 23 episodes, and began its run from 28 April 2016.



Veteran police officer, Bai Qingxiong (Chen Hanwei), forms an agency called Cold Case Investigators (CCI) which aims to crack unsolved cases. Through this agency, he hopes to give a proper closure to family members of the victims. He is a righteous man who is confident that all criminal will not escape the law. The CCI uses unorthodox methods to search for clues which eventually led them to the truth. There are many clashes among the team during the investigation process but sparks also flew among young members, Huang Yuyang (Rebecca Lim), Hong Junyan (Desmond Tan) and Lan Haifeng (Yusuke Fukuchi). The trio soon find themselves entangled in a love triangle. Each time the team manage to solve a case, they are also reminded of their own mystery past. It seems that Qingxiong, Yuyang, and Junyan each have a secret from the past which they are unable to let go of. Eventually, they all decide to work together to investigate their own mystery cases. Can they solve the cases and finally let go of the past?


  • Only credited cameos are listed.
  • Trivia

  • Lynn Poh's 2016 drama after The Dream Makers (TV series).
  • Chen Hanwei's second drama collaboration with Pan Lingling and Somaline Ang after 118.
  • Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim's third drama collaboration, after Poetic Justice and Second Chance, and their first after they are no longer BFFs.
  • Desmond Tan also utters Hong Junyan's catchphrase, "Stinky banana (死Banana)" in episode 35 of Peace & Prosperity.
  • Rebecca Lim first collaboration with Isabel Yamada as younger version in her character
  • Desmond Tan first collaboration with Ezekiel Chee as younger version in his character
  • Inconsistency

  • When Junyan and Haifeng leave the police station after they obtained the Familicide report in episode 3, Junyan said that the murder took place between 9.00am and 11.00am and the bodies were first seen at 11.30am, but a possible sound issue caused him to utter "10.30am" instead of "11.30am".
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