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The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine

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Episode no.  Season 1 Episode 4
Written by  Rod Serling
Cinematography by  George T. Clemens
Directed by  Mitchell Leisen
Featured music  Franz Waxman
Production code  173-3610

"The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine" is episode four of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. It originally aired on October 23, 1959 on CBS. The title is a reference to 16 mm film.


Plot summary

Aging film star Barbara Jean Trenton secludes herself in her private screening room, where she reminisces about her past by watching her old films. In an attempt to bring her out into the real world, her agent Danny Weiss arranges a part for her in a new movie and brings a former leading man—now also older, many years retired from acting and managing a chain of grocery stores—to visit her. This horrifies Barbara Jean and only drives her further into seclusion. Then one day, Barbara Jean's maid finds the screening room empty—and is horrified by what she sees on the screen. Danny comes over and sees on the screen the living room of the house, filled with movie stars and Barbara Jean as they appeared in the old films. She throws her scarf toward the camera and departs just before the film ends. In the living room, Danny finds Barbara Jean's scarf. "To wishes, Barbie", he says wistfully. "To the ones that come true."


  • Ida Lupino as Barbara Jean Trenton
  • Martin Balsam as Danny Weiss
  • Jerome Cowan as Jerry
  • Ted de Corsia as Marty Sall
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