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The Pizza Head Show

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The Pizza Head Show was the name of a live action spoof show used in Pizza Hut commercials from 1993 to 1997 to advertise their promotions and new kinds of pizza. The commercials starred a piece of pizza named Pizza Head, who had a face made out of different toppings and his pizza cutter nemesis named Steve who would try to cause him as much harm as possible.


These advertising campaigns were from San Francisco's Goodby Silverstein & Partners were directed by Walter Williams in a style similar to his "The Mr. Bill Show", an early series of Saturday Night Live skits. A normal commercial would begin with Pizza Head saying something about the promotion, then Steve would somehow get involved demonstrating the promotion, with the help of an offscreen narrator.


On June 19, 1991, Pizza Hut sought to attract older youngsters, specifically 12-year-olds, to build its dine-in business. Through comedy writer Walter Williams and San Francisco advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Pizza Hut created The Pizza Head Show series of television commercials to convey the message that Pizza Hut meant weird fun, the commercials featured spokes-character "Pizza Head" and his pizza-cutter nemesis, "Steve."

Pizza Head was a high-pitched Leslie-like-voiced, claymation slice of pizza whose facial features were olives, pepperoni and other toppings. Comedy writer Williams was creator of the Mr. Bill Show.

The spots were rather simple, paralleling the old Mr. Bill segments. Each commercial would open with a picture of a Pizza Hut restaurant having the words "The Pizza Head Show" appear over the picture. Pizza Head then would appear, talk to the audience, and get into a jam. The host of the commercials was a voice represented by a hand (similar to "Mr Hands" from the Mr. Bill shorts). The hand would say "Hey Pizza Head, here's your friend, ..." as in "Hey Pizza Head, here's your friend, Doctor Steve" or "Hey Pizza Head, here's your friend, Coach Steve". Similar to Mr. Bill, when he saw his nemesis, Sluggo, Pizza Head would respond with "Oh that's Great! Wait a minute, he's not a real (Doctor, Coach, etc.)" and then would identify Steve through Steve's disguise. The hand would reassure Pizza Head ("Sure he is!"), but Steve then would humorously harm Pizza Head (i.e. hitting Pizza Head with a meteor or dropping him from an airplane). Some of the commercials ended with the destruction of a model of a Pizza Hut restaurant typically by whatever harmed Pizza Head. The narrator would then say, "See ya next time!" then followed by a promotion sometimes announced. The commercials ran from 1993 to 1997. There were also Pizza Head and Steve mazes that came out in 1997 for Pizza Hut.

List of episode names (in order of airing)/Promotion

  • Pizza Head Gets Crusty/No promotion
  • Pizza Head Shoots Hoops/Streetball for $4.99
  • Pizza Head To The Rescue/Marvel Comics pack for only $2.99 with a cup, comic, and card
  • Pizza Head Flies High/K'Nex with purchase of $2.99 Munch Down Meal
  • Pizza Head Gets A Kick/No promotion
  • Pizza Head's Trick or Treat/New Stuffed Crust Pizza
  • Pizza Head Parties Hard/Pizza Hut Delivery
  • Pizza Head's Big Night/Tuesdays are Kids Night at Pizza Hut
  • Pizza Head Fouls Out/Autographed baseball bat and ball for $5.99
  • Pizza Head's Alien Adventure/New Stuffed Crust Pizza
  • Pizza Head's Magic Show/New Triple Decker Pizza
  • Pizza Head's Slam Dunk/Rawlings Basketball for $4.99
  • Pizza Head's Check Up/Pizza Hut pizza now with more pepperoni
  • Pizza Head's Star Wars/Get one of 3 Star Wars posters with a Pizza Hut Kids Pack
  • Pizza Head Gets Goosebumps/Get Goosebumps Glow and Tell Story Card Sets
  • Pizza Head On A Quest/Get a Jonny Quest pack when you get a Pizza Hut kids pack
  • The Pizza Head Show Steves'

    Episode One: Pizza Head Gets Crusty - Chef Steve
    Episode Two: Pizza Head Shoots Hoops - Coach Steve
    Episode Three: Pizza Head to the Rescue - Super Steve
    Episode Four: Pizza Head Flies High - Engineer Steve & Pilot Steve
    Episode Five: Pizza Head Gets a Kick - Coach Steve (This is the second time Coach Steve appears)
    Episode Six: Pizza Head's Trick or Treat - Count Steve
    Episode Seven: Pizza Head Parties Hard - Party guy Steve & Officer Steve
    Episode Eight: Pizza Head's Big Night - Steve-ette
    Episode Nine: Pizza Head Fouls Out - Umpire Steve
    Episode Ten: Pizza Head's Alien Adventure - Steve-eins (Steve-eins speak to Pizza Head themselves; only episode without the Narrator)
    Episode Eleven: Pizza Head's Magic Show - Steve-ini
    Episode Twelve: Pizza Head's Slam Dunk - Referee Steve
    Episode Thirteen: Pizza Head's Check-up - World Famous Doctor Steve
    Episode Fourteen: Pizza Head's Star Wars - Princess Steve-a and Darth Steve
    Episode Fifteen: Pizza Head Gets Goosebumps - Scarecrow Steve
    Episode Sixteen: Pizza Head On A Quest - Jonny Steve and Hadji Steve

  • (More Steves in Background)
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