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The Ogre (1988 film)

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Director  Lamberto Bava
Music director  Simon Boswell
Country  Italy
4.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Language  Italian
The Ogre (1988 film) movie poster
Release date  1988
Writer  Lamberto Bava (screenplay), Dardano Sacchetti (screenplay), Dardano Sacchetti (story)
Cast  Paolo Malco (Tom), Virginia Bryant (Cheryl), Sabrina Ferilli (Anna), Stefania Montorsi (Maria), Patrizio Vinci (Bobby), Alice Di Giuseppe (Young Cheryl)
Screenplay  Lamberto Bava, Dardano Sacchetti
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The ogre 1988 trailer for laberto bava s atmospheric haunted houseflick with no demons

The Ogre (aka Demons III: The Ogre, The Ogre: Demons 3, House of the Ogre and La casa dell'orco) is a 1988 Italian horror-made-for-TV film directed by Lamberto Bava and written by Dardano Sacchetti. It was the last of four films made for the TV series Brivido Giallo; other films include Graveyard Disturbance, Until Death and Dinner with a Vampire. Like the very similar Zombi series, it has little-to-no-relation to the films it claims to be a sequel to, and it was also followed by many unofficial sequels.


The Ogre (1988 film) movie scenes

The Ogre was released in some areas as the unofficial third entry into Bava's Demons series, but the official "Demons 3" was actually Michele Soavi's The Church. For another unofficial third entry, see Umberto Lenzi's film Black Demons, released in some countries as Dèmoni 3/Demons 3.

The Ogre (1988 film) The Ogre AKA Demons 3 The Ogre 1988 HorrorMovie Horror80s


The Ogre (1988 film) Demons III The Ogre 1988 MonsterHunter

Cheryl, an American writer of horror novels, travels with her husband Tom, and their young son Bobby, to a villa in rural Italy for a few weeks of vacation, and for Cheryl to work on her latest book. When Cheryl begins having nightmares from when she was a child of being stalked by an ugly being, an ogre, she tries to persuade her skeptical husband that the villa has a curse on it and it is using its power to manifest her nightmares into reality, including the demon/ogre. Cheryl must find a way to face her fear and somehow defeat the ogre before it starts claiming victims.


The Ogre (1988 film) Italian Film Review Ogre The La casa dellorco 1988

The film was released on Region 1 DVD by Shriek Show. Though the alternate title Demons III: The Ogre is present on the box art, the title card on the film itself is still just The Ogre.

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The Ogre (1988 film) Demons 3The Ogre Casa dellorco La 1988
The Ogre (1988 film) DEMONS 3 THE OGRE with Paolo Malco and Virginia Bryant


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