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The Little Rascals Christmas Special

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Country  United States
Genre  Animation
Language  English
The Little Rascals Christmas Special movie scenes The Little Rascals
Director  Charles Swenson Fred Wolf
Release date  December 3, 1979
Based on  Our Gang

The Little Rascals Christmas Special is an animated Christmas television special based on the Our Gang comedies of the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s. It first aired December 3, 1979 on NBC.


The Little Rascals Christmas Special NBC Berenstain Bears Little Rascals Christmas specials 1979 promo


The Little Rascals Christmas Special The Little Rascals Christmas Special Cast Images Behind The

Spanky (Philip Tanzini) and Porky (Robby Kiger)'s mother (Darla Hood) is a single mother during the Depression. Money is tight with very little left over to buy anything nice. When the boys overhear Mom talking on the phone about a Blue Comet, they think she is ordering for them the Blue Comet train set for the holidays. However, Mom wasn't talking about the train, but rather a vacuum cleaner. Realizing that she confused her sons, she exchanges a coat she had ordered for the train. When she gets sick and the boys realize the truth, they enlist the help of the gang to raise the money to get the coat back. Meanwhile, two neighborhood bullies steal the train set so now there are no gifts for the boys or their mom. A grouchy Salvation Army Santa (Jack Somack) arrives to spread cheer.


  • Philip Tanzini – Spanky
  • Jim Gatherum (credited as Jimmy Gatherum) – Alfalfa
  • Randi Kiger – Darla
  • Al Jocko Fann – Stymie
  • Robby Kiger – Porky
  • Jack Somack – Santa
  • Darla Hood (credited as Darla Hood Granson) – Mom
  • Matthew Beard (credited as Stymie Beard) – Mr. Klugger (The Butcher)
  • Cliff Norton – Angry Man
  • Frank Nelson – Sales Clerk
  • Melville A. Levin – Delivery Man
  • Hal Smith – Uncle Hominy (Alfalfa's Uncle)
  • Naomi Lewis – Sales Lady
  • Ike Eisenmann – Bully
  • Credits

  • Executive Producers: Robert L. Rosen, Robert A. King
  • Writer: Romeo Muller
  • Director: Charles Swenson, Fred Wolf
  • Producers: Romeo Muller, Fred Wolf
  • Voice Talents: Philip Tanzini, Jim Gatherum, Randi Kiger, Al Jocko Fann, Robby Kiger, Jack Somack, Darla Hood Granson, Stymie Beard, Cliff Norton, Frank Nelson, Melville A. Levin, Hal Smith, Naomi Lewis, Ike Eisenmann
  • Animators: Robert Bachman, David Brain, Lee Mishkin, Fred Crippen, Norton Virgien, Allen Whilzbach, Bill Wolf, Robert Zamboni
  • Assistant Animators: Phyllis Blumenfeld, Retta Davidson, Auguste Habonsh, John Kafka, Mike Lyman, Grace Stanzell, Ed Wexler
  • Music: Greig McRitchie
  • Dialogue Recording: Sound Services Inc.
  • Editor: Rich Harrison
  • Production Supervisor: Sherm Thompson
  • Animation Supervisor: Bill Wolf
  • Production Manager: Donna Evans
  • Production Assistants: Caryl Eagle, Michael King, Victoria Larsen, Steven Sanchez, Christine Tomasino
  • Studio Facilities Manager: Mike Kubina
  • Background Styling: David McMacken
  • Animation Checkers: Sara Bleick, Debbie Smith
  • Ink and Paint Supervisors: Wilma Guenot, Inge Vartian
  • Assistant Ink and Paint Supervisors: Noriko Hawks, Kitty Schoentag
  • Inkers: Jackie Gaumer, Colene Gonzales, Miho Nagisa, Else Rehme, Karan Storr
  • Painters: Ladonna Hanover, Renate Leff, Andy Schoentag
  • Animation Camera: Take One, Ted Bemiller and Sons
  • Color: Deluxe Laboratories
  • Video Tape Transfers: Editel Video
  • Animation: Murakami Wolf Swenson
  • Company: King World Productions, Muller-Rosen Productions
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