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The Lady Takes a Sailor

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Genre  Comedy
Producer  Michael Curtiz
Language  English
6.1/10 IMDb

Director  Michael Curtiz
Music director  Max Steiner
Country  United States
The Lady Takes a Sailor movie poster
Writer  Jerry Gruskin, Everett Freeman
Release date  December 16, 1949 (1949-12-16)
Cast  Jane Wyman (Jennifer Smith), Dennis Morgan (Bill Craig), Eve Arden (Susan Wayne), Robert Douglas (John Tyson), Allyn Joslyn (Ralph Whitcomb), Tom Tully (Henry Duckworth)
Similar movies  Das Boot, The Bedford Incident, Goliath Awaits, Hostile Waters, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Tagline  Man the laugh boats!

While boating off of Long Island, Jennifer (Jane Wyman) is thrown overboard when a mysterious submarine surfaces. A sailor appears, identifying himself as Davey Jones (Dennis Morgan) before putting her ashore and disappearing. Later on, when Jennifer explains what happened, no one believes her and she is so discredited that a grant shes in line for is threatened. She sets outs to find and expose the sailor, little knowing hes working on a top-secret government project.


The Lady Takes a Sailor is a 1949 comedy film starring Jane Wyman, Eve Arden and Dennis Morgan.

The Lady Takes a Sailor movie scenes

Jennifer Smith heads a "Consumer Reports"-type company and her reputation for honesty is her greatest asset. While out boating one day she encounters a secret prototype submarine piloted by Bill Craig. Trying to explain her absence after her boat sinks becomes very difficult as Bill and his cohorts attempt to discredit her story.


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Trustworthy head of the Buyers Research Institute, Jennifer Smith (Jane Wyman), is in need of additional funding to keep the institute running. It turns out the Tyson Institute is prepared to offer her the funds, and Jennifer can exhale. She celebrates the success with her friend and business partner Susan Wayne (Eve Arden), with whom she runs a cosmetics company, by going to Susans beautiful beach house on Long Island. When Jennifer is out sailing, a storm hits before she can return to shore, and her boat is flipped up-side down by an underwater vehicle, operated by a man who goes by the name of Davy Jones (Dennis Morgan). Davy claims to be a zoologist, studying the wildlife under the sea surface, and he reluctantly rescues Jennifer by taking her aboard his vehicle. Jennifer suspects that the man isnt who he says he is, since he doesnt seem to know the first thing about marine life. Davy finally agrees to put Jennifer ashore, but after he has given her sleeping pills. Once the storm has ended, Davy drops her body on the beach, where she is found by Susan and the Coast Guard, who have been searching for her like crazy. Susan thinks Jennifer has dreamt her encounter with Davy, and dismisses her story about the underwater vehicle. Jennifer tries to prove she isnt crazy, pulling up the pictures of the vehicle from her camera, but the film seems to be missing. The word of Jennifers story and probable insanity reaches the Tyson Institute, and they withdraw their offer of funding. Outraged, Jennifer decides to prove them wrong and that Davy and the underwater vehicle really exists. She goes on a search for Davy to restore her credibility and get the funds she has been promised.

What Jennifer doesnt know is that Davys real name is Bill Craig, and that he in fact is a submarine engineer undertaking a secret government mission. When out one night at a club with her fiance Ralph Whitcomb (Allyn Joslyn), Jennifer spots a woman whose picture were in the underwater vehicle. The woman is a singer named Raquel Riviera (Lina Romay), but she denies knowing a Davy Jones. A while later though, Davy/Bill enters the club himself, and Jennifer confronts him, asking for her camera film back. Bill claims she must be mistaken, and he and Raquel leave the club. Determined to find out the truth, Jennifer and Ralph follow the couple, and when they leave their car for a while, Jennifer breaks into it and looks for some kind of identification and her film roll. She doesnt find anything and has to interrupt her search when the couple comes back. Jennifer hires a private detective by the name of Henry Duckworth to help her, but Bill discovers Henry when staking him out. Bill traps Henry when he and Jennifer are trying to break into the safe in his apartment, and while Henry escapes from the scene, Jennifer stays and hears Bills explanation. He tries to tell her as much as he can, without revealing top secret information, but before Jennifer leaves the apartment, she finds and takes back her film roll. Jennifer is then supposed to meet Susan, Henry and a representative for the Tyson Institute, to clear her name and get her funding, but Bill manages to follow her to the place of the meeting. Bill tries to take back the film several times, and the meeting is not very successful, as the representative ultimately believes that Jennifer indeed is quite insane because of her strange behavior. Bill finally gets the film back from Jennifer and runs away in Henrys car, but he accidentally crashes into the Tyson representative car. Both men return to the meeting, and Bill is asked to his face if Jennifers story is true. Since Jennifer at this point has fallen in love with Bill, she covers for him and tells everyone she made it up. She is fired from the institute, and instead begins a new life with Bill.


  • Jane Wyman as Jennifer Smith
  • Eve Arden as Susan Wayne
  • Dennis Morgan as Bill Craig
  • Robert Douglas as John Tyson
  • Allyn Joslyn as Ralph Whitcomb
  • Tom Tully as Henry Duckworth
  • Lina Romay as Racquel Riviera
  • William Frawley as Oliver Harker
  • This was Jack Lemmons (uncredited) film debut - as a plasterer/painter at the end of the film.


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