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The F Men

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The F-Men were a pastiche of X-Men who first appeared in E-Man #2 of First Comics in 1982. The F-Men were also recreated independently in August 2005 by a user on DeviantArt (pachunka). They are currently published as a bi-monthly webcomic. These have also spawned 5 spin-off F-men comics created by fans.


Original F-men Story

The F-Men were all a parody of the Marvel Comics characters who were given superpowers by Ford Fairmont, the blind CEO of Fairview Sunglasses who wished to create the superhero characters into reality. He kidnapped various people around New York City and gave them the powers and personality of The F-Men. After intervention by E-Man and W.I.M.P. (Who published The F-Men comics), all was returned to normal.


  • Albatross (Phoenix (comics))
  • Zitpops (Cyclops (comics))
  • Clodhoppus (Colossus (comics))
  • Drizzle (Storm (comics))
  • Airhead (Kitty Pryde)
  • Slimesqueaker (Nightcrawler)
  • The Weasel (Wolverine)
  • The F-men(2005)

    The source of the F-men's powers is unknown. Whether they really have super-powers is unclear. Professor F leads the team, and sends his various heroes to fight super villains as required. The Artist has used polls on DeviantArt to allow his fans dictate plot development, which has resulted in an interactive story-telling experience. Stories parodied modern society(CNN, Hurricane Katrina) and fandom.


  • Mexican Wave (powers of wave manipulation and creation)
  • Nautonaut (??)
  • Human Power Button (power to switch things on or off)
  • Hurricane Katrina(Kat) aka Storm aka The Weather Girl (weather based powers)
  • The Chinese Flood Dragon (similar to Kat, but less noticeable)
  • The Iranian Earthquake (similar to Kat, but less noticeable)
  • Zeerox (creation of 49 copies of people/things)
  • Critical Mash (Great mass)
  • The Perfect Gentleman (Gentlemanly behaviour)
  • Sound Proof
  • Thing Silencer
  • The Quiet Man
  • Invunerable2Waves
  • Ship Stopper
  • Guy Who Hates Smith
  • Telebert (Teleportation)
  • Blues Canon
  • Transformo (Transformation)
  • Enemies

  • Dr. Kill de Moon (ability to kill the moon)
  • Don Bomb
  • Jessica Kill de Moon
  • CNN
  • Surround Sound Smith
  • Hypnotonaut (Hypnotism)
  • The World
  • Dr. Monkeyface
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    The F-Men Wikipedia

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