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The Expendables (1989 film)

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Writer  Philip Alderton
Initial release  July 1988 (USA)
Running time  1h 29m
Screenplay  Philip Alderton
4.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, War
Director    Cirio H Santiago
Music director  Jaime Fabregas
The Expendables (1989 film) movie poster
Cast  Anthony Finetti (Capt. Rosello), Peter Nelson (Sterling (as Peter Loren)), Loren Haynes (Lord), Loren Haynes (Jackson)
Similar movies  Behind Enemy Lines (1997), Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol (2000), Driving Force (1989), The Bad Pack, Quiet Cool (1986)

The expendables

The Expendables is a 1989 action film directed by Cirio H. Santiago. It stars Anthony Finetti, Peter Nelson, Loren Haynes and Kevin Duffis. It was written by Philip Alderton.


The Expendables (1989 film) movie scenes

Its running time is 89 minutes. Since the movie is low budget, there is very little information about the movie and it is currently only available through VHS.

The Expendables (1989 film) movie scenes

The expendables trailer 1989


The Expendables (1989 film) 3bpblogspotcomPo3Lk4ZUl3YTXJbfKfvOIAAAAAAA

The movie is a Vietnam exploitation film where a commando makes an elite team out of rebels. The men are trouble makers and rebels, but are able to perform well. The men are sent out to blow up a bridge and manage to destroy the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) guards. However, another NVA force arrives and an all out battle commences. During the battle, two of the men are killed, but the team kills off all of the NVA reinforcements and captures their leader.

The team is next sent on another mission to capture two village women, and then another to destroy an enemy base where another member is killed. They kill all of the NVA forces in the base, but their mission gets tougher when a prisoner escapes and captures American women and holds them hostage. The NVA splits up into two forces: one at an old fort and the other to ambush the team as it arrives.

Despite the NVA plan of ambush, the NVA are wiped out, but they manage to kill two of the women and one of the special squad. Realizing that there is little time, the squad goes on with their mission and finds the fort. Their squad leader goes inside the fort to recon and is captured. The squad decides to go in and rescue him, the POW girls, and kill the NVA leader.


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