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The Devil Thumbs a Ride

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Director  Felix E. Feist
Music director  Paul Sawtell
Language  English
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Film-Noir, Drama
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Release date  February 20, 1947 (1947-02-20) (U.S.)
Based on  the novel  by Robert C. DuSoe
Writer  Robert C. DuSoe (novel), Felix E. Feist
Screenplay  Felix E. Feist, Robert C. DuSoe
Cast  Lawrence Tierney (Steve Morgan), Ted North (Jimmy 'Fergie' Ferguson), Nan Leslie (Beulah Zorn, alias Carol Demming), Betty Lawford (Agnes Smith), Andrew Tombes (Joe Brayden, Night Watchman), Harry Shannon (Detective Owens, San Diego Police)
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The Devil Thumbs a Ride is a 1947 film noir directed by Felix E. Feist and featuring Lawrence Tierney and Ted North.


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Steve Morgan (Tierney) is a charming sociopath who has just robbed and killed a cinema cashier. Seeking to escape, he hitches a ride to Los Angeles with unsuspecting Jimmy 'Fergie' Ferguson (North). Part way the pair stops at a gas station and picks up two women. Encountering a roadblock, Morgan persuades the party to spend the night at an unoccupied beach house. The police close in as one by one Morgan begins killing the threesome.


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  • Lawrence Tierney as Steve Morgan
  • Ted North as Jimmy "Fergie" Ferguson
  • Nan Leslie as Beulah Zorn, alias Carol Demming
  • Betty Lawford as Agnes Smith
  • Andrew Tombes as Joe Brayden, Night Watchman
  • Harry Shannon as Detective Owens, San Diego Police
  • Glen Vernon as Jack Kenny, Gas Station Attendant
  • Marian Carr as Diane Ferguson
  • William Gould as Police Capt. Martin, San Diego Police
  • Josephine Whittell as Diane's mother
  • Phil Warren as Pete, Roadblock Motorcycle Cop
  • Robert Malcolm as Deputy Sheriff Grover
  • Critical response

    When the film was released The New York Times film critic dismissed the film, "The Devil Thumbs a Ride, which came to the Rialto yesterday, is a distinctly pick-up affair ... In the role of the thug Lawrence Tierney, who played Dillinger a couple of years back, behaves with the customary arrogance of all gunmen in cheap Hollywood films. It is pictures like this which give the movies a black eye and give us a pain in the neck."

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    Recently, film critic Dennis Schwartz was also critical of the film, writing, "Felix E. Feist (The Man Who Cheated Himself/Donovan's Brain/The Threat) directs and writes this ugly hitchhiker crime drama that has little entertainment value, the characters other than the main protagonist are too incredibly dull to ring true and it has no redeeming social value. The low-budget programmer is helped only by its noir look, fast-pace, the manic performance by Lawrence Tierney and the offbeat nature of its story ... Feist fills both the police car and the hitcher's car with noir characters, but it ends up as a ride to nowhere.

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