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The Crystal Gazebo

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Language  English
The Crystal Gazebo movie scenes Gazebo Outside GOOD USE
Director  Manny Gould Ben Harrison
Release date  November 7, 1932

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The Crystal Gazebo is a 1932 American Pre-Code short animated film distributed by Columbia Pictures, and one of the numerous featuring Krazy Kat. In reissues, the film goes by the alternate title The Crystal Gazabo.


The Crystal Gazebo movie scenes We would love to return to Salzburg and spend more time there We missed many other sites with the rain and our limited time Seeing the movie scenes in


The Crystal Gazebo The Crystal Gazebo at Opryland Hotel A look at the centerpiece

In a multi-domed palace somewhere in the Middle East, a jackal wearing a turban is looking at things monitored by his crystal ball. Besides being able to see, the jackal can also touch and take things shown by the ball. Then he spots Krazy riding on a camel with his girlfriend, a spaniel. The jackal kills the camel and kidnaps the spaniel.

The Crystal Gazebo The Crystal Gazebo Set by Koogan Pillay

Fortunately for Krazy, he is able to find a replacement camel inside the dead camel and rides it to the palace. He reaches the place momentarily. With the entrance blocked by two hippo guards, Krazy drills his way in. Inside, Krazy finds the jackal and the spaniel. But before he could get near, the captor flees through an elevator while holding the spaniel. Krazy tries to go inside a door, but the door crushes him against the wall, and sends him through a hole, which becomes narrow, then wide, then swirly. He then gets passed a pack of mummies that try to pound him with a bat. Buy then the cat gets trapped inside a transparent clock with a giant knife moving within. But a bee stings him and he turns fat and floats upward, bringing the clock with him. Two birds peck up the back of the clock, opening it and pinch Krazy, making him deflate to his regular size.

Krazy finally reaches a room where he again finds the jackal and the spaniel, while the Poet and Peasant overture begins to play. The jackal makes the first move by tossing an urn. Krazy responds as he goes forth and throws punches at the jackal to the music. The spaniel joins Krazy in striking her captor. This goes until the jackal is violently slammed against a wall where bottles from a shelf fall down to the music. The jackal slams a TNT bottle on the ground, and it explodes.

It turns out what Krazy and the spaniel experienced was merely a nightmare as they are napping on a sofa. They momentarily wake up to hear a radio in the room telling the end of a story about a magician.


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