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The Book of Taliesyn Tour

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Start date  18 October 1968
End date  July 4, 1969
No. of shows  74
Associated album  The Book of Taliesyn

The Book of Taliesyn Tour was a concert tour by British hard rock band Deep Purple. The tour promoted the band's second studio album in four months, The Book of Taliesyn. The band played only North American and European legs.



In October 1968 Deep Purple released The Book of Taliesyn. The band remained popular only in the United States, so they confirmed North American dates. On some dates Deep Purple were a supporting act for Cream. The tour kicked off with two sold out shows in Inglewood, California at Inglewood Forum, followed by more than 4 shows sold out in the same venue. This proved to be band's first successful tour. Almost every concert was repeated in the second night, in the same venue.

Tour set list

  1. "Hush"
  2. "Kentucky Woman"
  3. "Mandrake Root"
  4. "White Christmas" instrumental
  5. "God Save The Queen" instrumental
  6. "Help"
  7. "Wring That Neck"
  8. "River Deep, Mountain High"
  9. "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Richard Strauss, 2001: A Space Odyssey)
  10. "Hey Joe"


Tour diary/notable live dates

On the first North American leg of the tour, Deep Purple was a supporting act for Cream's farewell tour. The North American leg attracted thousands of fans, selling out large arenas and stadiums. It is still rumoured that while supporting Cream, Purple played such great shows that after the show's audiences mostly talked about Deep Purple instead of the headliner Cream. Cream's management therefore decided to seek another supporting act to replace Purple. They played only 3 shows with Cream.

They quickly moved to Europe for a massive tour, before returning to the North America. After the hit-single "Hush" (which charted #4 there) and a hugely successful first North American tour, Deep Purple drew great popularity there. After playing at some of North America's large stadiums and arenas, a short Europe tour followed and The Book of Taliesyn Tour ended in Cardiff, July 1969.

Live albums

In Inglewood, California at Inglewood Forum, Deep Purple recorded their earliest live album, called Inglewood - Live in California released in 2002.


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