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That Metal Show

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Theme music composer  Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal
Original language(s)  English
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons  14
Starring  Eddie TrunkDon JamiesonJim Florentine
Narrated by  David Coverdale (season 12)Bobby Blitz (season 13)Leslie West (season 14)
Similar  Uranium (TV series), Metal Evolution, Heavy Metal Mania
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That Metal Show is a talk show hosted by Eddie Trunk with co-hosts Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine. It premiered on VH1 Classic on November 15, 2008.


VH1 Classic discontinued producing more episodes of That Metal Show on January 19, 2016 due to the network's transition to MTV Classic seven months later.

Recurring segments

  • Stump the Trunk
  • Pick of the Week (seasons 1-11 & 13-14)
  • The Throwdown (seasons 1-11 & 13-14)
  • TMS Vault (seasons 5-14)
  • TMS Top 5 (seasons 6-14)
  • Metal Modem (seasons 12-14)
  • Take It or Leave It (seasons 12-14)
  • Put it On the Table (seasons 12-14)
  • Rank (seasons 12-14)
  • Underrated (seasons 12-14)
  • Discontinued segments

  • What's Going On With... (formerly Whatever Happened To...) (seasons 1-11 & 13)
  • Living the High Life With... (season 3)
  • The Rant (seasons 4 & 12)
  • TMS Top 4 (season 10)
  • On the Shelf (seasons 12-13)
  • On the Fringes (seasons 12-13)
  • TMS Book Club (seasons 12-13)
  • TMS Worldwide (season 12)
  • Behind the Music Video (season 12)
  • Rock & Roll Landmarks (season 12)
  • Origins (season 12)
  • Take It or Take It (season 13)
  • Miss Box of Junk Girl

    The duties of the Miss Box of Junk Girl are to bring out the prize box for Stump the Trunk and to place choices in order for TMS Top 5.

  • Kerri Lee Tucker (seasons 2-3) (deceased)
  • Jennifer Gottlieb (seasons 4-14)
  • Season 3: 2009

    The season premiere kicked off as a one-hour special featuring live performances from Anvil, Q&A with the band and special guests.

    Season 4: 2010

    Keri Leigh Tucker, the first Miss Box of Junk Girl, died in late 2009 and was replaced by Jennifer Gottlieb. A memorial dedicated to Keri Leigh was shown after the end credits to the season premiere. This season also marks the last to be filmed in New York before the show relocated to Los Angeles beginning with seasons 5 through 12.

    Season 5: 2010

    By season 5, The show moved to a new location in Glendale, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) to film their episodes until season 12.

    Season 6: 2010

    Beginning with season 6, the show aired in a one-hour format in addition to including a musical guest for each episode.

    Season 7: 2011

    Once again, season 7 was presented in a one-hour format. The show continued to have a guitarist for each episode and also introduced a bassist for the first time.

    Season 8: 2011

    The Michael Sweet/Jani Lane/Taime Downe episode marks Jani Lane's final appearance as this episode was taped prior to his death on August 11. It was originally scheduled to air on October 1 but was moved to August 27 as the second episode with included a special opening dedicated Lane's memory. In addition, the Stephen Pearcy/Tim "Ripper" Owens episode now aired as the seventh episode.

    Season 9: 2011–12

    The season premiere was filmed during Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy Tour at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. Season 9 is also the first to be presented in a widescreen format.

    Season 10: 2012

    Season 10 is the first to feature a drummer as a musical guest. According to Eddie Trunk, 8 out of the 10 episodes were shown while two of them debuted in season 11 after the network revised the schedule. Jason Newsted, who was originally scheduled to appear in the fifth episode, cancelled his appearance at the last minute during the taping and was replaced by the members of Warrant.

    Season 11: 2012

    The "David Draiman/Adrenaline Mob" and "Bobby Blotzer/L.A. Guns" episodes were originally going to be included in the previous season after both episodes were taped but were moved to season 11 after VH1 Classic revised the season 10 schedule. The TMS marathon premiered the "David Draiman/Adrenaline Mob" as a sneak preview ahead of its August 11th premiere.

    Season 12: 2013

    Season 12 introduced several new segments with only two "Top 5" lists being debated in the series. Another new inclusion to the show is an announcer for the opening credits as well as surprise special guests appearing via satellite to chat with the hosts in the new segment "Metal Modem". This is the last season to be taped in Los Angeles before returning to New York in season 13. Season 12 is also the only season to include the round table format.

    Season 13: 2014

    It was announced that season 13 will be moved to New York for the first time since season 4 with episodes being taped every Tuesday at the Metropolis Studio for 12 weeks except for the last two episodes that were both filmed on the same day. This season also marks the return of "The Throwdown", "Pick of the Week" and "What Going On With..." after they were absent in season 12. Ace Frehley was originally supposed to appear on the same episode as Peter Criss but was unable to make it.

    Season 14: 2015

    Season 14 premiered on February 21, 2015, in their new timeslot 9/8c with a repeat airing in their former 11/10c slot. All the episodes were once again filmed on Tuesday nights at the Metropolis Studios in New York City while episodes 9 and 10 were both filmed on the same day. A special last-minute tribute to Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero, who died a week earlier on March 20, was included in the sixth episode along with an appearance by his bandmates. Despite Trunk telling the audience at the end of the season, now series finale, "We'll see you next season on That Metal Show", Season 14 proved to be the show's final season after VH1 Classic announced its decision not to renew the show for a 15th season in January 2016 a year after Season 14's airing and before the network's re-branding to MTV Classic in August of that year.


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