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Terra de Miranda

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Terra de miranda mar a bouzas

Terra de Miranda (Tierra de Miranda in Mirandese,Terras de Miranda in Portuguese, the historical name of a 500 kmĀ² mesa in northeastern Portugal, lying on the border of Spain. It used to be an administrative division, and although it does not correspond to a modern-day region's borders, there are some cultural characteristics particular to Terra de Miranda that keep the name in use to the present day.


It has been a border region between different administrative areas of the Roman Empire, the kingdoms of the Visigoths and the Suevi, the Arabs and the Christians. Although the etymology of the word Miranda is still debated, it is believed to mean "border".

Among the best known cultural features particular to this area there is the Mirandese language, the Pauliteiros, the pagan rituals practiced from Christmas to Easter, namely the farandulo, and the bagpipe music.

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